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Birthday Musings

Happy Thrusday everyone!  I celebrated my birthday yesterday, rather quietly if I say so myself.  This year I feel is going to be one of reflection and perhaps reevaluation of the next stage in my life.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that does this, especially as one dives into the last year of their 30’s.  

It’s amazing the number of thoughts that run through my head as I physically speak the word 39!  Goodness I’m getting old, am I becoming irrelevant in my blogging pseudo career? Can I really be thinking of starting a YouTube channel at this stage in my life? What if people make fun of how old I am? Can I handle that.  Then the other side pushes, wow! You’re finally at a stage where you’re old enough to have fun and young enough to still do it.  Your kids are basically grown up, but still need you from time to time.  While we have debt we’re not drowning in it, I/we have our health albeit a little bruised at the moment. And more than anything we have the drive to move forward and be creative in our lives!  I mean how cool is that?

So as I enter into the the last year of this decade, I find myself following these two forks, too old and finally old enough…….

How do you feel about where you’re at in your life stage?

XoXo – Sarah


28 day Jumpstart challenge

If you are interested in an updated blog post check out my post Here for the 2016 edition. 

Yes I joined another challenge, one of my favorite cousins conned me into it and before I knew what hit me I was on my way to becoming entrenched in “fitgirl” everything.


Today is day 1, I have so far eaten two meals that while I would not normally eat on a regular basis were in fact edible and filling – I will have to work on creativity and spices to keep these meal plans going. They work around the premise of 1 breakfast type a week, 1 lunch type a week, 1 snack type a week and 2 dinner types a week – with the users ability to change proteins and/or veggies as needed. Last night I was a little to cautious with my meal prep and found myself adding garlic hummus to everything at lunch time just to have a little more flavor. I do have to say the portions are of a good size and tracking the information though Lose it, I am on track with my regular food plan.


The exercise plan is simple enough tonight there will be arm work with a little cardio and sweet potato street tacos for dinner. I have to say I’m excited to see how this works out, I haven’t had any “regular” exercise plan for quite some time and I think I need that type of structure added to my daily routine, or else I find myself milling about not doing anything.


We’re supposed to take a before and after photo – I’m posting the before on my progress page – another part of my life I’ve neglected – sorry.

And write out our goals on a decorated heart – can you tell this is for girly girls 🙂 – here are mine.
– Lose 10lbs
– get out of the overeating under exercising lurch
– Finish the challenge – you know me with actually finishing things
– Keep motivated
– help others to stay motivated
– Get back into an exercise plan
– and Shrink some inches


Now all that’s left is getting to day 29!


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