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Ten hours of Sunlight

Happy first day of spring!  This post is from a few years back but I love to repost it around daylight savings or the First of Spring just as a reminder to myself that longer days are coming.

I check the weather report every morning, as most people do I suppose; as I’m drinking my coffee and deciding what I’ll wear for the day. It has become part of my morning ritual – once the weather and traffic report are shown I turn the TV off and go about my day. One of the interesting things about our local weather guy is, in addition to weather and tidal information (very important this time of year in CA) he gives a little bit of extra information, sometimes to do with Astronomical events happening like a meteor shower or what planets are really visible, sometimes it’s a tidbit about Baseball – mostly little league because that’s what his kids play, and sometimes if you catch it at the right time he will tell you how many hours of sunlight are in the day. As a person with night blindness, I tell you, watching the number go down as we head into the deepest dark of winter makes me cringe. I start to think about all of the things that won’t get done because I’ll be rushing home just barely making it before full dark sets in, and many days I pray my way through the traffic disasters, wondering if today will be the day I get stuck behind one and have to white knuckle it all the way to the house. This morning though we hit a new high, a little more than 10 hours of daylight! 10 hours I decided I could work with. I’m noticing that the sky is pink toward the beginning of my drive to work and the morning star is harder and harder to find these days. And – I actually have at least an hour of light (not full mind you – but light just the same) after I get home, giving me time to move out to my garden and pull a few weeds or turn soil before I can’t see what I’m doing anymore. Even though we’re still bitterly cold, and spring is a long way off, for a few minutes each afternoon I have a small reprieve in my back yard and a feeling of wellbeing takes over – I have made it through another dark winter, sigh, I can breathe again when I drive back and forth to work, deeper sigh, and soon, I’ll be able to start working in all of the things I’ve missed out on during the long dark nights. 10 hours of sunlight – doesn’t seem like a lot but to me it is the tipping point to spring even more so than the mark on the calendar designating that day.


28 day Jumpstart -Fitgirls challenge check in

Happy Monday to you all!  Today marks the first day of the newest Fit Girl Challenge #findyourfierce, since I started this journey a little early I’m actually moving into week two.

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I think this is my 3rd time utilizing the 28 day jumpstart challenge and every time I find new things to love and interestingly new things to dislike about the plan.

First things first,  This was the Fit Girls very first attempt at the challenge, and it has a lot of information that will carry you through the rest of the programs.  With that said there is not a lot of variety in this booklet, they do offer a few variations but you basically have 1 breakfast choice, 1 lunch choice, 1 snack and 2 dinner choices.

If you’ve done a few of the challenges and have some of the over books, this isn’t really an issue, you can swap as you like, within reason.  For me, it’s not really an issue for the dinners, the food was tasty and for the hubby and I, you can’t go wrong with tacos and pizza, my boredom came with breakfast and lunch.  My solution……make my own meal plan that basically follows plan with a few varriaiations.

One big thing that I do different, is I make green juice every day and then have breakfast when I get into the office, I keep that going even on plan, it keeps me happy and sane during the stressors of the week.I also follow a different exercise plan than what’s listed, which again is totally ok, I just like to do different things than just workout.

Week one went well, I did have a minor slip up over the weekend, that is totally hormonal and while awful will not trip me up in the long run. I just took it in stride and made sure to get back on plan this week.  I’m down another pound and expect to be even more so next!

Week two should be awesome, there will be a few more tweaks to the meal plan, again, just for varitey.  And since the big kickoff on social media there’s other fun to be had.  Like the fit girls style challenge:

And the fit girls photo challenge….

I do need to work on my goals for this month but as usual I am a day late and a dollar short.  Don’t worry I’ll get there.

If your interested in following me on my journey, check out my IG and Snapchat accounts:

IG: Sarahgetfit77

Snapchat: slkrikland

Until next week.


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