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In the Garden – Planter Boxes

Happy Friday and welcome part 2 in my Garden series, if you’re interested in reading the previous post click here.

We live in a rather though area for plants, our soil is mostly clay, a mixture of granite and small underground streams that go to concrete during the summer and a viscous mess during the winter. To make sure I’m getting the best production from my plants I’ve learned to utilize planter boxes and raised beds in my yard, that have the added protection of screens on the bottom to keep the gophers at bay.

I have to tell you my husband got rather snazzy with these particular boxes, the ones we have in the back we made with recycled fence board and did not have a gopher screen.  In addition, he re-routed the sprinklers and installed drips into each of the boxes for ease of watering. 

For those boxes, we used – 2 -6 foot cedar fence boards, 1×2’s to anchor the sides, galvanized screws and gardeners wire.  Steve made easy work of putting the boxes together, we made an assembly line starting with the long sides and screwing the 1×2 to them.

Then we assembled them together into boxes, and finally stapled the wire to the bottom of the box.  

With a little bit of elbow grease, we managed to make the boxes for about $25 a piece.  That sure beats the pre made ones they sell for $150-$200.

Next up, Walkways and grease traps.

Have a great weekend everyone!


In the Garden – 7/1/16

After a far too long hiatus we are back in home gardening mode. For those that have been following my blog for a while know that I was starting a “backyard homestead” much to my husbands dismay a few years back. Top give a small history I was raised by a couple of Berkeley Hippies, and as I get older the things my dad taught me about gardening and compost start making more sense.  That and the craving for freshly harvested food still warm from the summer sun.  So yes for all my love of beauty products and nice things, if I could have all that and live on a farm, I would totally do it.  Our back yard is currently out of commission from a retaining wall rebuild that is taking way longer than expected.  So I thought in the meantime it would be good to start our front yard project.

Do you ever have those moments after you start something, where you think – OH Crap -what am I doing? Mine started about here – once everthing was dug up and there was no going back!  I started wondering what the neighbors would think.

Then this weekend we stared in on building the planter boxes and while I know in a year or so this will be the best looking garden in the neighborhood I think until then the neighbors will think we’re nuts. Or more specifically me.

I think this weekend we’re going to be adding rock, and a walkway – we need a grease trap between the garden and the driveway – Steve can be a little messy with the cars. And I’m hoping we’ll be ordering the topsoil for all the boxes. Then we’ll get our first crop in the ground.

I guess at this point there’s no turning back, right?

Next weeks post – Planter Boxes

XoXo – Sarah


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