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Fit Girl Detox – Fit Girls Challenge check-in

Whew week one done, and for a quick update I am down 2.5 pounds, not bad for a rocky start at best.  This week I’m going to give you a quick review,  and update on what’s to come.

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Ok down to the nitty gritty:

Week one: On a whole I did okay – not great but, better than previous attempts and even on the days that I wasn’t on plan I made the best choices I could for where we were at.

Food: This plan has 3 breakfasts, 6 snacks/desserts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners  – I did eat at least one of each of the recipes (if not necessarily in the order listed), I was really impressed with how well the food tasted, the small amount of prep time, and truely the ease of exceptions if you wanted to change things up.  For a quick dip into the fit girl pool this is definatley a great starting place.

Exercise: There is no set exercise plan in this book, I believe it was originally designed for the Fit Girl intercessions (which we’re in right now) and there are a few plans posed on IG for those to follow or to keep up with their own.  I decided to try Beach Body on Demand for the duration of this series and I’m currently working through a rather campy plan called Yoga Ballet Booty – its’ hilarious but exceptionally fun and quite honestly challenging for me and my sedentary life.

How I currently feel: Right now I feel really good, I don’t give up sugar completely when I’m on these plans but I do cutback considerably, I’m almost past the cravings, with the exception of salt!  Man give me a salt lick and I am good to go!!!!! Other than that I’m really listening to my body in regards to sleep and exercise and so far I think I’m making a lot of progress internally, if not based on the numbers on the scale.

What’s next: I am starting the 28 day jumpstart challenge this week, with a lot of modifications – I’ll go into that during next weeks posts.  I’m back on IG with my fitgirl handle, Sarahgetfit77 – feel free to follow my journey with me. If you have a Fitbit and want to be friends comment below with your email and I’ll friend you, I try to host at least one work week hustle challenge a week, and if you want to see what my daily life looks like your’re welcome to follow me on Snapchat: Slkirkland – as you can see I was up before dawn this morning as part of my routine.

Until Next week – XoXo – Sarah


Fit Girl Detox

  Day one
Happy Monday everyone! I’m still here and for the moment, I still have a job. Yay!
With the stress of the last few months I have not been the best advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Most nights I come home, don’t feel like cooking, sit on the couch and order takeout. On top of that, I still buy the food I plan on cooking and spend double on what we’re eating.

Needless to say about a month ago I bought a pair of pants that I thought we my size, I was wearing a similar pair when I purchased, and though I hadn’t noticed they were really tight, once I tried the new pair on I knew I had really stretched the old pair out. Then as the month wore on, I couldn’t even wear the old pair. And now that we’re entering August I have hit my all time high in weight.  

239 – I can’t even tell you how much I loathe to put the number down. Or how I’ve started avoiding mirrors, windows, or anything reflective. My husband and I took a trip in May and I’m having a hard time looking at all of the pictures we had taken. Selfies and close ups are one thing, I can adjust and crop my way to not looking like a whale. But the ones the photographers took, who don’t know me, don’t care and don’t get paid enough to wait for me to pretend to adjust to the right position for the shot, well those are pretty bad. So here I am again, a year later back at square one, feeling fat and horrible about myself, and hopefully fed up enough to try again.

And what do I get in my email last week? A note from Fit Girls Guide telling me about a new ebook they have out (Fit Girls Detox) and an invitation to try for a discounted price. I head out to the site and read the bio and think – OK here is a plan I can follow with the hubby for a week and see if that will kickstart my body and mind back into a clean eating program.

What this book provides is a daily eating program to ease you into healthy eating, they ply you with really good recipes (from what I’ve read and tried so far), keep you full by feeding you 6 times a day, still allow for chocolate, and they are not making anyone drink their meals for a week while going crazy. Heck I’m even having beef twice this week, (again in the recipes) how cool is that – unless you’re not into meat, I’m sorry. All of this and it still allows for coffee (not that I give it up ever) with a little milk. I do have to say that’s my one “cheat” for the week, I will always keep my coffee, with my milk and a little bit of sugar. And all of this is packaged in typical Fit Girl fashion that promotes a healthy and positive outlook on life, your body and exercise.

So like last time I will give you a full review of the book, and my progress, so far I’ve had breakfast, my AM Snack and lunch – Yummy, I’m a little nervous about dinner with the hubby – Fit Girl Pesto made with avocado and zucchini but maybe he won’t watch while I’m making it.

One thing I do want to note, when talking about recipes I will not post any that I haven’t made up myself, or tweaked dramatically enough to not infringe on the original (not likely) If that’s what you were looking for on this post …. Sorry 

With that Wish me luck!


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