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Curvy Girl Style – Fall Style Challenge 1/2 way recap

I realized this morning I’m halfway through my first capsule wardrobe, I can’t believe it. Aside from a small moment about a month ago where I realized window shopping was not a good idea when I’m still fresh to the capsule wardrobe lifestyle. I’ve absolutely loved this journey thus far. Getting dressed in the morning is easy, I have yet to repeat an outfit, although I feel I might be right on the edge of that now, and I’m still really excited about the whole idea of the capsule wardrobe.
All in all over the last 6 weeks, I have created 11 relaxed daytime outfits, either for days off or Friday Causal in the office and 23 work outfits – all tried and true worn out of the house and out into the real world. Of those 34 outfits I have managed to take pictures of 30 of them – wow! I know, how impressed are you with that? I know I am since I’m usually changing out of my sneakers and into heels at 5:45 to take a pic in front of the mirror before I run out the door.
So how do I feel about the next 6 weeks? about my wardrobe? great and a little nervous, it’s starting to get cold here in CA (well CA cold) and I don’t know if I’ve brought enough layering pieces to make it work, I guess we’ll find out.
All in all I’m really excited to know now that this process is not only doable but enjoyable for me. I think this was a huge turning point for me and my excessive wardrobe spending, and I can tell you my credit cards are so much happier not being worked to the bone each weekend. I actually have a little saved for my next capsule already!

Here’s a breakdown of the last 30 looks – some of the pictures are horrendous but I hope you can tell they’re getting better as I get more practice – lol











Have a great Monday!


Curvy Girl Style – Fall Capsule Wardrobe – Outfit 1

I’m having a love hate relationship with this outfit today. I love the feel of this dress, it is so comfy and airy but still warm enough to wear in the mornings, and the color blocking is done very well. On the flip side, it might be a little too casual for the office (for my taste) and while the color blocking helps make my waist look smaller, it makes other things look larger – lol.

I love taking pictures with Eric – I have to remember to bring my camera into the office one day so he can actually utilize something better than one of our phones. As you can see regardless – he makes me laugh.


I picked up this dress mid summer from TJ Maxx and I haven’t worn it often – I have issues wearing pieces that hug my body, but I’m trying hard to step out of my comfort zone just a little bit so off to work I went today.

This sweater stayed on quite a bit, it was my security blanky today!


Here’s a few shots of my accessories and shoes – This watch was a gift from a very dear friend and I’m totally in love with it. I have worn it everyday since receiving it.

I had to take a pic of my hair too – it’s been so hot the last few weeks I haven’t worn it down in ages. I cannot wait for the weather to catch up with the season.

This was my one jewelry splurge from my Disney trip, doesn’t it look grown up!

And lastly my favorite set of Toms – I have to get my husband to fix the heel – I didn’t realize it was pulling away until I took the pick 😦


Happy Wednesday!


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