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Week In Review 9/3/16

Happy Saturday, I thought I would start a new series akin to the week in pics, something easy something that helps you get to know me and something that will hopefully get you thinking about your own week in review.  As always if you’re interested in following me on any of my social media platforms they are listed below:
IG – Fallingwithstyle.co, Sarahgetfit77, and SandSlovedisney
Snapchat: Slkirkland
This week has been one of total chaos, and quite honestly I’ve spent a few more than a few weeks in this state.  Perhaps the month of August.  I have been remiss on posting, not for lack of ideas but either for lack of time or energy.  I have been horrible with correspondence, either via note, email, text or even social media.  I have literally been so distracted I forgot to brush my teeth one morning, good thing I have toothpaste and a brush in the office.  I have no real excuse, save for I’ve been trying so hard to learn something new my brain has reached capacity and refuses to do anymore.  So as we enter into the month of September I am going to try to back off the learning a bit and attempt to make this month one of organization and scheduling, one where we try to get back on track.

With that here’s a few categories I thought you might be interested in:

What are you reading – Currently I’m finishing off the 2016 Herbal Almanac (Llewellyn), it has great folklore and recipes and has really helped me shape my ideas for the fall garden.

What are you listening to –  What’s running through my head at the moment is Gold by Kiiara,  and my songs on repeat playlist has, My House – Flo Rider, One call away – Charlie Puth, Cheap Thrills -Sia, Closer – Chainsmokers and a few more, for Podcasts, The Chalene Show (how to manage Social media overload – it’s from a few years back), Stuff you missed in history class (Bonnie and Clyde – again pretty old), and Mouse chat .net (I forget the title of the last one)
What are you watching –  I have two current TV obsessions – and I’m going to rant for a second I apologize in advance.  I have been watching American Gothic faithfully for the summer, it was listed as a 13 part murder myster (which I love) and has been really addicting all season long.  All good things right? Right!  But last night as I’m catching Wednesday’s episode they’re touting next weeks episode as the “season finale” SEASON FINALE!   How can you have a 13 part series continue? Why would you even advertise it like that and of course for me I got sucked in and will be watching it next season unless I work up the will to stop in protest (good luck on that one).  OK back to show two (it’s a toss up too), I really love Major Crimes and I’ve like the show arc this year but….Queen of the South is another that I watch as soon as I can after it’s recorded.  Is anyone else secretly waiting for James and Teresa to have hate sex?  I feel this should happen although I’m not sure why………
What are you working on – I’ve been trying really hard behind the scenes to update my social media platforms, and learn about the back end of my domain (really what WordPress will allow and what I can add in as code to enhance my readers experience) I am website stupid so it’s been a lot of brainwork recently.  On the other side the hubby wants to start a resale site and I’ve been working with him to figure out what platform to use, helping him write copy (he’s not the best) and get the best photos for posting.  Blog wise I have a few more series to add this next month, and I’m half heartedly working on my about page (does anyone else have trouble with that? It’s like once I get to that page writing about myself is the hardest thing in the world), I might be asking for help with it soon.

Weekly goals –

– one blog post to each site – fallingwithstyle.co and mytrendingstories.com

– update one post on – Falling with Style

– update one Pinterst board to the new style

– walk the dogs 3 times

– make daily/weekly to-do lists and follow until I get back into a regular schedule

food for the week/fitness goals – The next game fit girls challenge starts 9/12, so as we continue on through the intercession I need to work on my nighttime eating habits – I believe I’ve had toast 3 times last week for dinner – have I mentioned my love of bread (especially sourdough).  So on our way home from our family gathering this weekend – I will  be working with the family about what they might like for dinner, and making sure we go to the grocery store.  Fitness wise, I’m hoping to start the Yoga challenge on Beachbody on demand, and we’ll be getting the treadmill set up for those long social media stints.
Beauty updates – Well I made it through Ulta this week without buying anything makeup wise.  I have a small gripe about their return policy too, I did not realize it was 60 days – Sephora’s is so much better with that said they did honor it even though I was a few days over, but then I was thinking about it on the drive home and that was 60 days from my order not from my delivery date (since it took two weeks to deliver) – anywho I did walk out with some Micellar water – which I needed, and some cleansing wipes – also needed – I use them to clean my CPAP mask everyday.  But with that said there is a Sphora event on the 10th that gives me first crack at the holiday sets, I’ll have to see if there’s anything interesting and report back.  I did put in place these type’s of sales, but I don’t want to add to much to project pan with what I have already.
Style update – I’ve been seeing the fall posts pop up all over, and while I really love fall, it’s colors and the idea of a brisk chill in the afternoon, it is not a season we really know about in the Bay Area.  I feel Fall Cheated sometimes, I long for the red and brown, and dark taupe color scheme with hints of wool and flannel.  But, if I were to wear those pieces this time of year, I would almost surely die of heat exhaustion, currently our temp is running in the mid to high 70’s with an occasional jump into the mid 80’s.  By the time the temperature moves to something acceptable we’re well into winter and sometimes working on spring.  For now, I’ll look for the darker colors, with lighter fabrics and sigh wistfully at the beautiful shots of Crimson, chocolate brown, and riding boots with midi skirts.
What did you really screw up this week – I have a company that I am an affiliate for I feel I may have come off a little pushy on a few emails I have sent to them in the last few weeks (in my defense – they haven’t responded as quickly as one might like), my friend actually said I might have sounded like I was trolling for work and a bit overbearing.  So if this brand happens to read this post, I am sorry it was not my intention, I was only trying to help.
What did you do that was awesome – I bought a treadmill – ok I know that doesn’t sound really awesome but it is for me, it means I can cancel my gym membership at the moment and save some money – yes that’s the only reason I was going to the gym at the moment, and it allows me to spend more time at home working on things then traveling back and forth out of the house.
How’s the family – Family is good, Steve is working on gettin his truck lifted (much to my dismay – he’s also thinking about taking the steps off – I don’t even know how I will figure out how to get in to it at that point).  Francesca has just finished her second full week of school, the volleyball team is working on a mutiny at the moment – apparently the coach is a little much and he’s threatening to bench the entire team.  Sabrina, is back to working almost full time, so there’s less fuss about how much money she doesn’t have and where does it all go; mom knows but she doesn’t listen. And rightfully so, since she’s moved out and can do whatever she pleases – it has made both of us happier, and we have a much better relationship now than we’ve had in the past.
How are the dogs – I feel sometimes that my pups are the most grounding things in my life, is that strange?  They sit with me while I struggle to learn things, they comfort me when I’m upset.  They remind me to eat – mostly because they want to eat.  And sleep – darn narcoleptic pups.  the keep me to a schedule although I really wish they would keep me to my schedule so I would stop forgetting things; but that maybe too much to ask for something that already gives you unconditional love, mostly their undivided attention and never really argues with you, unless they really want to do it their way!
Until next week – XoXo – Sarah

Project Pan Makeup challenge – Rules and Foundation 

We are a solid few weeks into project pan here at the Kirkland house and so far it hasn’t been too bad!  We’ll see how much that changes when the next Sephora Play Date comes up and I’m tempted by all the new beauties in good lighting.  But for now I’m ok – I even made it through a trip up to Reno without visiting my 2nd favorite Sephora, shoutout to the ladies at the Summit!  Let me take you through my Project Pan thought process and then we’ll get down to the nitty gritty of foundations.

A few weeks ago after a rather successful series with my Lipstick Obsession, and a gentle nudge by way of observation from a friend, I decided to purge my beauty collection and stop buying products for a bit.  The basic parameters are as follows:

1. Use up what you’ve got before buying something new

2.  Get rid of out of date items

3.  Be mindful of what you’re using – does it really work, do you like it, how does it feel, and would you recommend it?

4. There’s no real time frame but, I thought at least until November when Sephora has their VIB sale, although after going through my stash I’m not sure that’s even enough time.

My thoughts to start was to set up a pack with standards from each of the main makeup categories and use them for a month solidly.

– Foundation
– concealer

– Blush

– Eyes (shadow, liner, mascara)

– primers

– highlight and bronzer/contour

– lips

– Powder

Obviously if there was a big event I could cherry pick from my stash, but, for the most part I rotate through a pretty standard set during the week (keeping it conservative in the office) and the weekends tend to vary between no make at all to let’s see how dolled up we can get!  Once I picked out a nice rounding of the standards I’ve gone to work  deciding a few things, like, Does the product work? Do I like it? Does it smell Nice/funny? Longevity, etc. And lastly would I buy this product again? Ultimately that’s the big question – with everything that’s out there would this product stand the test of time?  As one that loves to try new things and has a hard time remembering that I really did like something a few months/years ago this will be the ultimate question for me.

First on the Chopping block – Foundation!

Quite honestly even as this photo was taken I was thinking I’m not currently wearing the Tinted moisturizer from Phsycians Formula (middle),  and after the pic it got tossed.  And I’m down to two!  Really these foundations fall into two categories for me – work week (Amore Pacific) and weekend light (Almay).  Currently the Amore Pacific is a shade or two darker than my skin tone to account for summer tan but the Smart Shade by Almay really does seem to work with my tanning schedule and ever changing skin color. Both have nice buildable coverage, I would have to say the Amore Pacific as a cushion formula goes on much drier than the Smart Shade and takes much less time to set. I’m not sure if I will replace it when I run out, I’m still in search of the perfect foundation and I don’t think this checks off all the boxes on my ever expanding list of needs – including making me look like Reese Witherspoon.  In regards to the Smart Shade it’s an awesome tinted moisturizer and I fully plan on seeing how it performs in the Florida heat come our Disney trip this October.  From there I’ll make my final decision on how much I love it.

Until Next time, XoXo – Sarah

If you want to read my first post about Project Pan click here

What is your current go to Summer Foundation?


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