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Prepping for a big event – Skin/hair/face

I have a rather elaborate skin care routine – I want to preface my post today with that because I know most people I talk to, do not. And if you’re a wash and go type of girl with a little sunscreen and mascara more power to you. Me? Unfortunately I’ve done major damage to myself over the years, not enough sunscreen, smoking, too much alcohol, salt. So now in my late 30’s I’m trying to repair damage at the same time trying to treat the signs of aging and God willing, age gracefully – but not too soon!

If you interested in my daily routine let me know and I put another post together of my daily/weekly regimen – you’ll be amazed at the process – lol. Here’s a few of them below.

There are times thought that require a little more effort – for me that is this weekend! My Cousin is getting married and I am in the wedding party.  I am also the oldest bridesmaid by at least 5 years and the next oldest has beautiful red hair and fair skin that I’m sure came with a lifetime supply of sunscreen 🙂  – needless to say I’m a little self conscious.

So this week in addition to my regular routine I added a few extras to make sure I was photo ready – in a completely supporting role kinda of way – for the big day.

A week prior to the event (Sunday) – I got a facial – and this go round I did get a stronger anti-aging facial – to help my skin boost collegen production over the week.  This also meant I’ve been babying my skin for a few days after with extra moisture to balance the redness and drying effects of the retinol.

3 days before the event (yesterday/Thursday) – I went for an obligatory waxing apt (I would not suggest first time waxing for any event, at least a month before try it out and see how your body reacts to the process) for me this is close enough to have smooth skin, and still far enough out to self tan before the big day.

Also 3 days before the event I did a deep conditioning  hair treatment – this will give me enough time to wash my hair one more time ( the treatment leaves my hair beautiful, but limp) and have 2nd day hair for the wedding, perfect for styling for the big day.

2 days before the event – although not listed, we’re all going in for a mani/pedi – but that is part of my monthly maintenance – lol.

One day before the event -(tomorrow/Saturday) apply self tanner (again I would not suggest this for a first timer and please use a brand that you know and love) I love St. Tropez – they have a 1, 2, or 3 hour tanner that you wash off in that time frame and you don’t smell like nasty tanner.  I use it once a week in the summer and have a great glow.

The day of the event (Sunday) – I picked up a gold mask to help tighten and brighten everything up for the big day.  I have not used one before but I have used the brand and am hopeful on the results.

Again I know it sounds like a lot but with a little planning, it can easily be added in to prep for any big event, as a bonus you’ll have pampered yourself each day before the big event, and hopefully will look and feel great too!
XOXO – Sarah


Falling with Style

I love the movie Toy Story! If we’re being honest, I don’t think there is a Disney movie I dislike, even the made for TV ones that somehow suck me in. There is something about the Toy Story movies though, that really hit home with me. Maybe it’s because I have an overactive imagination, or maybe because my pop always had “‘creatures” around the house that were his alter egos, ones that talked and had larger than life personalities. I don’t really know, but there are days when I’m outside and I realize the clouds in the sky look like Andy’s room, and sometimes when I can’t find my phone I wonder if the “creatures” that live in my own house have taken it and hidden it away.

More so, there is a scene in the move where Buzz is showing everyone that he can “fly”, Woody adamantly rejects this and tells the other toys “that’s not flying, its falling with style”. The first time I heard this I thought, that’s me! I’m one of those people! You know the ones, that for the most part look like they have it together but may not have it all together all the time. Yup, me! the one that can put together all the right pieces to an outfit, make my hair behave, get the makeup just right and forget my shoes when I’m leaving the house. I can plan a Thanksgiving meal down to the consistency of the gravy, but still have to send my husband to the store two or three times because I forgot the extra pound of butter.

Falling with Style to me means, while not everything may be going my way, I know that I have truly tried my best, and I’m hoping I at least looked good while doing it. Sometimes it’s the reminder to me that not everything can be planned and life needs to be enjoyed for all of the small things that do go right and not to focus on the one that doesn’t.

Do you have a falling with Style moment?


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