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Week In Review – 9/19/16

Happy Monday, I thought I would start a new series akin to the week in pics, something easy something that helps you get to know me and something that will hopefully get you thinking about your own week in review. As always if you’re interested in following me on any of my social media platforms they are listed below:

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Man this week has been rough, I ended up with an eye infection, it’s been very yucky, Steve’s been down with a cold and Francesca’s dealing with Fall allergy symptoms – all in all we’ve been the house of pestilence this week.
With that here’s a few categories I thought you might be interested in:
What are you reading – I still haven’t picked up any new books, for the first half of the week it was all I could do to focus on my computer at work, once home we’ve been working in the garden and then passing out and going to bed so……maybe this next week I’ll have time to pick one up.
What are you listening to – I feel this might be a really boring post this week, I haven’t been listening to anything because my eyes are so hyper sensitive to anything my senses are too overwhelmed to take on any additional information.

What are you watching – All right if I dig in to last weekend, I did watch my traditional vast amounts of 9/11 coverage. I even found a few new shows and two that I haven’t seen in awhile so I felt very educated as the weekend came to a close.

What are you working on – this week aside from getting better, it’s been all garden all the time. We had dirt delivered earlier this week, we’re finishing up the walkway, I’ve ordered my winter crop and am waiting with bated breath for it to be delivered, and all in all I’m hoping to be fall/wintering down the yard within the next week or so – new post to come on that soon.
Weekly goals – as you can see these aren’t very different than last week – obviously things did not go well this week for me.
– again write one and update one post for each site

– Get the garden finished and planted

– walk the pups 3 times

– get the fall wardrobe out and start transitionining

food for the week/fitness goals -so I’m going to start a week late on my fit girls program – thank goodness it’s flexible. I have to clean out the fridge, plan what’s in there vs. what needs to be bought and get ready for next week to hit the ground running.

Beauty updates – so last week we went to the Sephora Holiday event and had a really good time, unfortunately I think that’s also where I got my eye infection. I do have to say I’m rather proud of myself, I didn’t pick up any makeup type products except for the new foundation, which I love and a few new eyelashes that I’m dying to try but for obvious reasons have not. Sigh – at least there’s next week.

Style update – this last week we’re going to call bummy chic – which meant I didn’t feel good, so I wore jeans and t-shirts to the office all week – I did receive a few comments from friends in the matter – one even alluded to a broken washer for the style dip. Needless to say I’ll be back on track next week – just in time for the last bits of Indian summer.

What did you really screw up this week – I guess the obvious response this week would be my eyes. I have been putting ointment below my lids 4 times a day for the last 5 days and have two more to go (sad face) I don’t really know that it was my mistake although I suppose I really should have checked the MUA’s brushes before she started diving into my makeover.

What did you do that was awesome – I the last week I have shoveled 4 cubic yards of dirt from my driveway to my planter boxes, and I am payin for it, man are we going to be tired. But I can see the finish line on the front yard and I’m truely excited that the finish line is in sight.

How’s the family – Steve update, his spider bite is clearing up nicely and shouldn’t leave a scar – it did scab over a few times and fall off but so far the new skin underneath looks ok. Francesca this week managed to pull a groin muscle during practice, so there’s been a lot of icing and stretching to get that back into shape, and just the other night she came home with a pretty decent black eye – she had taken a volleyball serve to the face – insert all the using your head puns here.

How are the dogs – pups are good, they’ve been hibernating with us all week long, and really loving the smells coming from the front yard. Organic compost/soil mixtures bring lots of lovely smells for all involved, I’m fairly certain that while the dog’s are loving it my neighbors probably hate me at the moment.

Until next week – XoXo – Sarah


Rocksbox Subscription Review and free month offer- box 15

Man it’s been a while since I’ve written on of these posts. I love RocksBox, it always brings a smile to my face when I see the little package arrive in the mail. I want to make sure I start this post by stating, I am in no way compensated for my opinion on the boxes I have received. Although if anyone at Rocksbox wants to send me product to review, I am always down! Here are the basics, for $19 a month I usually get two boxes filled with 3 pieces of awesome jewelry to wear as I please. When I’m done, I can either chose to buy or return any or all of the pieces in my set.

falling with style.co – Rocksbox set #15

This set was a lot of fun!  Delicate, summer easy and pretty as all get out here’s all the details.

Wanderlust and Co. -Zeta ring in Gold and Turquoise – $42 – for some reason this ring made me think of Wonder Woman, don’t ask me why, it’s adjustable and as you can see was the inspiration for my mani last week.

Kris Nations – Star and Moon Stud – $32 – These are currently out of stock on the website – I have to say these were the most delicate little earrings you could ask for, beautifully understated and a perfect accent to the summer fun pieces in this set.  The only thing to complain about was how difficult it was to get them off.  If you like your earrings extra secure these are definitely for you.

Jill Michael – double bar necklace in gold – I have to tell you this necklace was awesome and for the first time I saw something really smart about a bar necklace – they created it to let it slide along the chain so you didn’t have to constantly adjust it!  How awesome is that!  Anyway – I paired this with one of my longer pieces just for fun and i thought it looked awesome together.

Lastly if you’re interested in getting a Rocksbox subscription yourself click this link and use my offer code below to get a month free!

Rocksbox offer

Rocksbox offer

Do you use Rocksbox? How do you like the service?



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