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Morning time Saving Tips and Tricks for your weekly Wardrobe 

Happy Thursday everyone!  A while back one of my favorite bloggers and grown into internet friend 🙂 TheRealJLow mentioned she had trouble finding clothes in the dark of morning to get ready for work you can read about it here – How to get dressed in the dark.  I mentioned to her in the comments that I put all my work clothes an a few casual things together over the weekend and just grab and go depending on how I feel each morning.  Today I thought I would share a few tips and time savers I’ve learned along the way. Time savers for the morning at least, it does take a little investment on the weekend.

First off I make sure I know what he weather will be like at work for the week – there can be a 30 degree difference between my house and office and I have been stuck in wool pants and a sweater in 85 degrees because I didn’t pay attention to the right weather location.Then I put together what I think I might like to wear for the week, depending on what meetings or social events I might have, if any. 

From there I take the items I’ve picked and see if they need a little sprucing before wearing – I can’t tell you before I started this how many times I sat in my bra and undies ironing clothes as I’m running late to get out the door.  Most things I have found can be shown a little love with a steamer, just a few quick passes and your good to go. I picked up this steamer as a gift for my years of service at my job – and I love it.

Other’s – like the linen pants I wore yesterday, need to be ironed each time I want to wear them, and sometimes even inbetween events if I’m picky – lol. Start with your items that need to be ironed on the lowest setting and work your way up the heat scale from there.  I know it’s a pain but unless you plan on living in wrinkle free polyester for the rest of your life you need to learn to iron.  Again I have an awesome Iron that my mom got for me for Christmas a few years back, you can get it here if you’re in need of one.  It may be a little heavy duty for some but for those that love cotton, linen and sewing (quilting) it’s the bet iron in the world – in my opinion.  (Say hi to Zola, photobombing in the corner – she’s always close by me)

Another trick – I use rose water to freshen up some of my outfits, sometimes the house can get a little stuffy and who doesn’t love the smell of roses?

Next up I chose what jewelry to wear with each outfit! (Can you find Tara in this pic?)

Then because I post my outfits on IG I decide on the best way to flat lay on my hardwood floors and snap up all of my pics at once.

From there they get hung up and put on the rack my husband made for me in the corner next to our bed.  

Come Monday when I’ve overslept and am rushing I can grab my outfit toss it on and run out the door.

Do you prep for your week over the weekend?

XoXo – Sarah


Curvy Girl Style – Winter Capsule, casual outfit

Happy Monday to everyone and happy last Monday of the year! Since I’ve moved into a far more casual capsule this season or at least as comfy as I can make it, I thought I would start off with one of my favorite errand running outfits.

you really can’t go wrong with blue jeans and a “waffle shirt” especially if said waffle shirt has silver glitter!

My husband teases this bag is the keeper of all things, and while it is one of the bigger bags I own, it’s still easy to carry and haul all of my “crap” – I really do love this bag!

I have to throw this last pic in and I think I’ll do a post soon about my very very very red hair, the shadow doesn’t do it justice here so I’ll definitely have to post a few more pics 🙂


Want to buy my outfit?

Top – Old Navy Similar
Pants – Torrid – Same
Shoes – Nike – Similar
Purse – Micael Kors – Same

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