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Sephora Play date – July

Happy Friday everyone!  Last night I took the teenager with me to our first Sephora Play Date. Do you have the subscription box? Have you ever been to one?  It actually ended up being a lot of fun and we met a similar mother daughter pair that had come down from the Sacramento area since this was the closest one in our area.

The basically give you an hour and run you through all of the products in the box, give you detailed information on what to do  and troubleshoot any issues you you might be having. This month’s box was all about effortless summer, It came with a Beauty Blender Blotterazzi, Too faced – Solei bronzer, First Aid Beauty’s deep cleanser, Smashboxes Photo finish primer, and Ouai’s wave spray. 

All were relatively new products to me, although with that said the cleanser and the bronzer went right out the door to Francesca – who was very happy about it last night – see below 

All in all we had a great time with the ladies, especially the ones we met from Sac – I hope the mom comes down again after her daughter heads back to college. 

One really nice thing was the ratio of Sephora hosts to attendees, the lovely lady above helped Francesca and I out mos the night, she walked us around the store explaining a few things to us about newer products I wanted to check out and managed to get us some awesome samples of said product. 

If you are a Play Subscriber and haven’t attended an even I highly suggest it! If you’re not a current subscriber click the link here to get on the list. 

Have a great weekend everyone – XoXo – Sarah 


July Favorites

Yes it really is that time of the month again, hard to believe, I know!  Here are a few of the things I kept reaching for and using this month. As always it’s a little bit of a hodgepodge – but really at this point in our relationship does that surprise you at all?

Let’s start with hair care – I recently dyed my hair dramatically different than previous times, and the first time we processed it, it didn’t take. A week later I was back and processing again which has let my hair a little bit upset with me – and please read that as really upset with me.  Enter in two of my all time favorites to aid in my hair arsenal.

Olaplex – Let me tell you, this has been a hair lifesaver for me the last few months.  I have gone multi colored recently, and this last round has me with a rose base and between platinum blond, to ash, to silver ends, my hair needs a whole lot of love right now.  My stylist adds step 1 and 2 to my processing, and sends me home with a second treatment to use a few weeks after I color.  Step 3 is a weekly deep conditioning treatment I alternate with another that really keeps my hair in tip top shape. Step 1 and 2 I believe you can only get at a salon, check out their site for one near you, Step 3 is an at home treatment, you can purchase from your salon or a beauty supply place that also has a salon in it.

Kenra Platinum Revive oil – $28 I found this beauty around the first of the year,  a few pumps of product through the hair before washing has helped tremendously. My stylist is always impressed with how great my hair still looks when I come back in for touch ups and that’s 8 weeks between appointments.

Moving on to Body Products –

Soap and Glory – $10 – I’m a little late to the Soap and Glory bandwagon – I’ve been a Philosphy girl for a few years, but, sometimes it can be hard to find the one you love and even harder to wait for it to be delivered.  Recently lost I watching on of my favorite YouTubers talk about this body wash and the way she described it sound very much like my beloved Seniorita margarita, I figured I’d give it a shot and I’m so glad I did.  Half the price, usually on sale at Ulta and smells like a citrus dream!

Ad lastly a few food related items – 

AvoToast – OK not something you can buy outright, but it’s Avaocado season here in California and really it would be unpatriotic not to totally eat avocados all the time.  My current favorite, after guacamole, on tacos, or really buy themselves out of the skin, is to spread it on corn cakes (like rice cakes but corn – obviously) sprinkle the smallest amount of salt and add some fresh cherry and pear tomatoes.  Oh my goodness it is a little pice of summer heaven.  You should go have some now!

Cold Brewed Coffee – $29 – As previously mentioned many times, I am a coffee snob, and oh how I love my coffee!  In the summer especially  now as we hit the 100 degree mark everyday for days on end, hot coffee is just not happening!  Enter Iced coffee and of course the latest kick Cold brew.  I got the linked maker for my birthday a few weeks ago and we have been using it non stop ever since.  I even pack it up with my simple syrup and milk in a mason jar to take to work everyday.  

That’s it for me this month, I hope you enjoyed, tel me what are the things you’re reaching for at the moment.

X0Xo – Sarah 


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