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Fit Girl’s Challenge – why meal prep is important

Do you have those weeks, where you’re gun ho to get something done?  You’re excited, you’re  motivated, and you have no real-time or plan in place to get accomplished what you want to? Yep that was me last week, thankfully most of the food will keep over to use again, but it leaves me frustrated and with another sour taste in my mouth for my own inability to follow through with what I’ve started.  My failure was not taking the time to properly prep my meals for the challenge last week and when faced with the choice of healthy eating or throwing caution to the wind, guess what I chose?

With that, I got on the scale yesterday and ate a huge portion of humble pie, beat myself up for a few minutes, then got to my fridge and tried to salvage what I could from last weeks debacle. I personally think that meal prep is the most important part of your weight loss plan, I’ve read a few articles recently that say that 70%-90% of losing weight comes from what you eat, and I think it all starts with making sure you’re food is prepared and easy to make!

First up, smoothie prep, how much easier can things get than, putting fruit in a bag and freezing it for smoothies/juice for the week. I don’t always go by the plans when smoothies are involved,  mostly because I like to utilize all my fruit from my farm fresh box and I like to freeze what may go bad before I eat it.


Same concept with the watermelon, it was getting really ripe so I balled it up, threw it in a bowl and strategically placed it somewhere both the husband and I would go back to it over the course of the afternoon/evening.  Needless to say the bowl was empty before we went to bed.


lastly, lunch bowls, the first few days, are “Sushi Undressed” it’s very tasty with a chicken substitute, instead of shrimp (not shown).  And now I’ve got a decent start to my week and a better idea of what my schedule looks like to keep me going throughout the week as well.



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Winter Wonderland challenge and P90

Goodness can you believe next Wednesday is Christmas eve? Me either, my days are spent cramming in the work of the 20 other people that were lucky enough to have time off this time of year, while my evenings are hustling to get the tree decorated, the house in order for the family to come over and every once and a while a nice sit in front of the fire and zone out (read – fall asleep). I am loosely doing the last fit girls challenge of the year, and I do mean loosely, between social events and life in general my eating habits are anything but normal at the moment – and I’m letting that be O. K. I’m still tracking what I eat and trying to keep it within my daily guidelines without going totally nutty. I am however being very diligent about my P90 workout in the morning I am on day 17 and I’m starting to feel better about the workouts. I don’t know if that translates into anything tangible except I’m starting to not follow the modifier all the time, I mean I like Terry and all (with his wife named Terry) but sometimes I want to follow the chick (I’ll have to learn her name).

I digress, so from a weight loss stand point I am holding fast at 226, I think my body really likes the 220s I feel like I’ve been here all year (I’ll have to check my stats and get back to you on that) but I am feeling like after all my illnesses, and excuses and poor habits, I might actually on the verge of a breakthrough and that make me very excited.

I’ve posted my “Day 1” photos for P90 in my progress photos and hopefully we’ll see a change on day 30 (fingers crossed) but right now I’m happy with getting up at the crack of dawn (4am) and making it thought. The dogs are too, since they know once the TV is off, mom takes them walking – which reminds me I need to grab one of those awesomely pretty yellow rain jackets we’ve been in between the storms recently but I don’t think we’ll be so lucky soon.

how are your weight loss goals going during the Holidays?


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