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28 day Jumpstart -Fitgirls challenge check in

Happy Monday to you all!  Today marks the first day of the newest Fit Girl Challenge #findyourfierce, since I started this journey a little early I’m actually moving into week two.

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I think this is my 3rd time utilizing the 28 day jumpstart challenge and every time I find new things to love and interestingly new things to dislike about the plan.

First things first,  This was the Fit Girls very first attempt at the challenge, and it has a lot of information that will carry you through the rest of the programs.  With that said there is not a lot of variety in this booklet, they do offer a few variations but you basically have 1 breakfast choice, 1 lunch choice, 1 snack and 2 dinner choices.

If you’ve done a few of the challenges and have some of the over books, this isn’t really an issue, you can swap as you like, within reason.  For me, it’s not really an issue for the dinners, the food was tasty and for the hubby and I, you can’t go wrong with tacos and pizza, my boredom came with breakfast and lunch.  My solution……make my own meal plan that basically follows plan with a few varriaiations.

One big thing that I do different, is I make green juice every day and then have breakfast when I get into the office, I keep that going even on plan, it keeps me happy and sane during the stressors of the week.I also follow a different exercise plan than what’s listed, which again is totally ok, I just like to do different things than just workout.

Week one went well, I did have a minor slip up over the weekend, that is totally hormonal and while awful will not trip me up in the long run. I just took it in stride and made sure to get back on plan this week.  I’m down another pound and expect to be even more so next!

Week two should be awesome, there will be a few more tweaks to the meal plan, again, just for varitey.  And since the big kickoff on social media there’s other fun to be had.  Like the fit girls style challenge:

And the fit girls photo challenge….

I do need to work on my goals for this month but as usual I am a day late and a dollar short.  Don’t worry I’ll get there.

If your interested in following me on my journey, check out my IG and Snapchat accounts:

IG: Sarahgetfit77

Snapchat: slkrikland

Until next week.


28 Day Jumstart challenge – 1/25/16

Tis that time of year again, or is it really? We had a challenge at work for the month of December not to gain any weight over the holidays. For once I managed to keep up and actually lose a little bit too. I’ve been working hard recently to remember what my trigger points are, how binge watching TV leads to binge eating salty foods; or my favorite, eating my feelings. So when I got the email from Fit Girls last week about their first of the year challenge and really their first half of the year challenge I thought, I’m in a better spot than I’ve been in a while, why not give it a shot. So here on Sunday night, I’m getting my food prep together, and thinking about all my goals for this challenge, this month and quite possible (something I haven’t done in a long time) this year!Before I get too far, let me just throw this out there – I will not be posting recipes, or workout plans from any of the fitgirls books – If I think I’m making something far enough from an original recipe on my own (I will be happy to share), or from another website, blog, location, I will post credit it to it so you can get it for yourself. I believe the creators of the Fitgirls movement have worked hard and deserve to have credit and proprietary ownership of their work.  

As in previous cycles on my blog, I’ll give you a breakdown once a week (Monday) of each day’s progress, how I feel, my weight, and food porn 😉 – if you interested in following me on my journey I have a special IG account: @sarahgetfit77, I post to snapchat everyday: slkirkland and if you have a Fitbit and want to be friends my email is ss9286@att.net – let me know where you saw me on the invite so I know who you are. 

Ok now that the formalities are over here’s a break down of the week –

I should probably start this out with an apology I realized this last month that while I love this challenge the first iteration is a bear that I just cannot tame. This last week was like previous ones with out a true plan to follow, food prep did not happen when it was supposed to and while I mange to stay right at the same weight I do not tend to lose.  So with that in mind I am making a few adjustments this week and going forward into the “rest/prep week” where I’ll probably do the fitgirl detox.

Sunday – instead of cooking what I had planned and doing food prep we ate pizza and I cleaned my room out to help fight the allergies my doctor swears I have.  

Monday – I went to work with no food and grabbed breakfast from the vending machine and lunch from whole foods, no exercise this week either one because mom was making excuses and 2 because I could barely keep my eyes open with the new allergy mess. I did manage to make dinner a veggie pasta with my new spirilzer and a little bit of chicken sausage to appease Steve, and I had enough for lunch. And I managed to make a carrot cake/bread for mid morning snack, after my juice.

Tuesday – Tuesday was an up day, we ate well, I packed most of my lunch and I made it through the day without falling asleep at my desk.  Instead I came home and sleep for two hours and ate popcorn for dinner. 😦

Wednesday – no food prep, no no juice, I did have carrot cake and street tacos off the food truck.  When I got home our farm fresh box had arrived and we did the, clean out your fridge make up some meals and see what falls out.  Food prep done for the rest of the week.

 Thursday – breakfast and lunch were great, but I was exhausted again when I got home and we ended up eating grilled cheese and French fries for dinner.

Friday – again, breakfast and lunch were great, and we went out to dinner on our date night after our monthly massage.

Saturday – well let’s just say the weekends are bad, I haven’t been following a set schedule and my eating habits struggle because of time and effort. 

Sunday – today has been a little better on the prep front – I made an attempt on an apple cake by Giada de Laurnetis, replacing the flour with oat flour, almond meal and flax seed, it’s a little dry but when I get the proportions right I’ll share it with you.  I prepped lunch for the next few days, and cooked up some lasagna noodles for roll ups this week, we’ll probably alternate that with the girl cheese sandwiches.  I did not go grocery shopping mostly because my oldest is in a mood and decided to fill our frigdge with her own concoctions (she really needs to find a place of her own) and secondly just the amount of stuff we have left over in our fridge I need to clear that out before I waste anymore food or money.

 So this week will consist, of green juice and apple cake for breakfast, Brown rice, lentils, roasted veggies and chicken for lunch, an awesome hummus and pita chips for snack and lasagna roll ups and Girl cheese sandwiches for dinner. Once that’s gone well see what bubbles up for the end of the week.

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