Diet Beta Test week one recap

My goodness, I’m not sure where the time went, ok that’s not 100% accurate, but it’s close. I had the week from heck at work, followed by increasing fatigue and malaise associated with PMS; and getting used to a lower carb diet. Add those together, and you get a girl that comes home, does nothing but stare at the TV until it’s time to fall asleep and repeats that thought the end of the week. Add in a packed weekend, and here I am at 10 pm on Sunday night trying to get something down and posted before another day goes by without any word.

So far everything is going OK – I’ve learned a lot of interesting things about myself, including popcorn may be nature’s best scrubber if you’re eating a very low carb diet. I learned that when I’m really stressed out at work, I crave anything carb related that is a carrier for salt. And I’ve learned that even a little bit of the wrong kind of sugar or carb can send me spiraling into cravings that are hard to deny. I’ve also learned that you get over those cravings if you give yourself a little bit of time. Life is easier on the test if you work toward eating more fat and a lot of leafy green veggies, and sometimes the things that you think you’re missing out on (today pasta) are more of a symbol than what you want (a vehicle for melted cheese). Again all excellent information to know about myself; but my API is still climbing, slowly at the moment. And I’m still getting headaches; I had one thought this afternoon, I finally took some Tylenol to feel better, I can’t tell if its lack of oxygen when I sleep or if something else is going on with the test. Right now my numbers are within reason, so I’m not ready to back down, on top of that I’ve been a little lax this weekend about the carbs I have eaten, and my numbers were still bad, so I am stumped about a correlation. Mood wise, I find myself rather cranky until I have my first bit of food for the day, I don’t know if I need to adjust to eat earlier in the morning, or maybe give myself a little bit of a break and have my coffee before breakfast. I have to say I have not found the clarity that’s supposed to come with Ketosis which probably means I haven’t found Ketosis yet. While I might be a little foggy at times and cranky before coffee or sugar (not sure which), I do have a better outlook on life in general as I get through the end of this weekend.

As I move into week 3, I’m feeling rather confident about life. This week, I’m working on cutting my carbs again by swapping out the sugar in my coffee with stevia and the full-fat dairy milk to coconut. I also plan on swapping out my yogurt toward the end of the week and giving up cheese (blasphemy I know) to see if that is a source of any information I might have. I’m still working out upping my water intake and perhaps adding a few herbal teas into the mix just to add a little variety. I haven’t found kicking the sparkling water habit as hard as I thought it would be and quite honestly I feel fine with plain water far more than I thought I would. I did just realize as I plan through week 4 I will be in Disneyland when fasting is supposed to begin, and after about a 2-second debate in my head I will be pushing that off until after I get back. I think if I give myself a few days after our return to fully get back into the swing of things I can start the F phase over the weekend. I am working myself to being more “on plan” that not while we’re in Disney and if carbs are added I want to make sure they’re from things I want to splurge on instead of going hog wild because we’re on vacation. But I have a bit of time to plan that out before the trip thoguthfully.

Tomorrow I’m back on track with blogging, and I will have a more detailed report on my numbers including a better spread to work on and any comparisons between day one and day 8.


Diet Beta Test Day 2

Happy Hump Day! I hope you’re all enjoying your week. Welcome to Day 2 – which is week two but last week was a lot of prep and decision making about how this journey was going to go. I also did some soul searching about how I was going to approach this topic writing and how I would best honor myself and the creators of the Diet Beta Test. So I’m going to lay the groundwork out here in this post and on and off down the road just to make sure we’re all clear.

1. I will not be sharing any of the materials from the diet beta test. If I did not create the information, infographics or text, It will not be posted here. If you’re looking for freebies – sorry you need to move on.
2. This journey is a story about me and my experiences, it may or may not fit with the information you know about yourself, your experiences or beliefs. I share it with you as a labor of love and exhibitionism on my part. Please do not try to take anything I write hear as gospel for yourself, please do not think it will work for you or that I am preaching a way of life for you to follow. That is the key and beauty of the Diet beta test, it is highly personalized to each individual and will be different for every person that tries it.
3. I will be posting daily in any combination of blogs, vlogs recipes, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook posts (, etc.), if I reference anyone posts, I will make sure to link back to the information and give credit to the originator as best as I can. If I do not and it is your work, please contact me, and I will make sure to correct/update the information.
4. I’m excited about sharing this journey with you, I hope you are too.
On to Day 2 –
Today hasn’t been all that bad; I’m still adjusting to drinking my coffee later in the morning, so far it hasn’t been too bad. I’ll have to see how I feel about it on the weekend though, I’m very used to waking up and leisurely drinking my coffee in bed as I check my social media. Breakfast was around 9:30 – again yogurt, strawberries, and pecans – can’t mess with a good thing as far as I’m concerned. Lunch was around 1:30 – I had roasted creamy asparagus and roasted garlic soup, with a small mixed green salad and avocado. We had grilled marinated chicken and veggies, for dinner tonight, Stevie wrapped his up in a tortilla with hot sauce, he thought it was rather tasty.

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good today, I wasn’t overly hungry or tired; I went to bed around 10:30 last night – got up around 6. I woke up at 5 and should have gotten up then; I ended up taking my mask off (CPAP) and going back to sleep which meant weird dreams and a small headache when I decided to get moving. I’m a little bloated/gassy from the vegetables, but that’s normal for me, I know asparagus does it, and frankly, I’ll deal with that – I love asparagus and will eat it until it goes out of season. Tonight I’m not sure what caused it – maybe the grilled onions? I’ll have to see. I didn’t even miss not having a grain with dinner, nor did I feel like I needed to eat the entire house when I got home, so I must be getting enough fat in, to make me feel satiated. I’m up to 85-90 oz of water today, but again it’s 81 degrees in my house at 8:30 – did I mention my husband does Air Conditioning for a living? I do feel better this go round; I’m not sure if I have a different expectation of what’s to come or a better understanding of my body and how it reacts. I know last time day two I was panicking about not having enough variety to eat and craving/missing carbs. Don’t get me wrong I’m still missing fruit something fierce, but I think I’ll work on balancing some of them into the test as we go along instead of feeling deprived and resentful.

Here’s a quick shot of me (have I mentioned I hate these) and my numbers for the day:




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