New Years Fitness Challenge – start

My cousin decided to host a fitness/weight loss challenge for the new year. We give her $20 and every week we send her a picture of ourselves on the scale with our weight, she works some sort of algebraic magic and tells us where we are in the standings. At the end of February one of us will win the pot of money based on who lost the largest percentage of weight. I’m rather impressed, when we started talking about this endeavor in November we were going to be happy wit 8-10 people, now I think we’re up to 25 people and a a tiered system for the top 3 winners.

While I don’t want this blog to be specifically about weight loss, I can’t deny I’m a rather “curvy” woman, and in all honesty I’m far more curvy than I want to be at the moment. I thought I would post a weekly note on weigh in day to mark my progress – you all will keep me honest – and hopefully as I lose weight I can ease in a few posts about outfits and curvier looks.

So here is my plan of attack for week 1:

– Use the Lose it! app on my phone – to track my calories – and exercise, it has a bar code scanner that hasn’t failed me yet and a basic interface that is easy to use.
– Use the map my fitness app – map my fitness to track my walks with the dogs and the ones I plan on taking at lunch.

– I found a great fitness plan on Women’s Women’s health – The Total Body transformation – it’s a 12 month program that gives you a realistic cardio and weight training plan each month to ease you into a workout routine. I will be using them each 2-3 times a week alternating.
– in the mornings I plan on doing yoga and meditation plus an easy Pilates on alternating days.

– This week I’m working on two of my trouble areas for the most part we eat healthy, I am one of those that tends to eat too much.
1. snacking after dinner
2. not drinking enough water

The first one is going to be the tough one – I’m going to designate my couch as a NO EATING ZONE and try to get our dining room table cleared off so we can eat somewhere else besides in front of the TV. In addition I’m going work on not watching as much TV since I don’t seem to really snack anywhere else.

Drinking enough water shouldn’t be too much of a challenge, I’m one of those that if you put a glass with a straw in front of me I’m apt to drink until I float away. It’s just conciously remembering to take my cup with me every day.

And with that we will begin:

weight: 235.9
height: 5’8″
chest: 41
waist: 38
hips: 52.5
bicep: 14
thigh: 31

Do you have a weight loss or fitness goal this year?



Falling with Style

I love the movie Toy Story! If we’re being honest, I don’t think there is a Disney movie I dislike, even the made for TV ones that somehow suck me in. There is something about the Toy Story movies though, that really hit home with me. Maybe it’s because I have an overactive imagination, or maybe because my pop always had “‘creatures” around the house that were his alter egos, ones that talked and had larger than life personalities. I don’t really know, but there are days when I’m outside and I realize the clouds in the sky look like Andy’s room, and sometimes when I can’t find my phone I wonder if the “creatures” that live in my own house have taken it and hidden it away.

More so, there is a scene in the move where Buzz is showing everyone that he can “fly”, Woody adamantly rejects this and tells the other toys “that’s not flying, its falling with style”. The first time I heard this I thought, that’s me! I’m one of those people! You know the ones, that for the most part look like they have it together but may not have it all together all the time. Yup, me! the one that can put together all the right pieces to an outfit, make my hair behave, get the makeup just right and forget my shoes when I’m leaving the house. I can plan a Thanksgiving meal down to the consistency of the gravy, but still have to send my husband to the store two or three times because I forgot the extra pound of butter.

Falling with Style to me means, while not everything may be going my way, I know that I have truly tried my best, and I’m hoping I at least looked good while doing it. Sometimes it’s the reminder to me that not everything can be planned and life needs to be enjoyed for all of the small things that do go right and not to focus on the one that doesn’t.

Do you have a falling with Style moment?

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