Wednesday Weigh in – and Newfound FITNESS Challenge – 1/8/14

I love the first week of any weight loss program – I am always gung-ho to start with and it always shows on the scale that first week. Weeks after maybe not so much but at least for now I am riding the wave of “I lost weight” and I am flying high.

I joined a challenge – linked here – last week and am truly excited to be a part of this group. I hope you take the time to visit and see what Carolina has in store for the next 5 months.

When joining they ask that you present a bio of yourself on your blog, here is mine:

I am a 36 year old mother of 2 beautiful teenage daugters, 17 and 14, and two wonderful shelter pups – girls as well – a Shepherd mix – Tara (3) and a English Bulldog mix – Zola (2). I have been happily married to my husband Steve for almost 8 years and I work full time for a multinational telecommunications company.

I started gaining weight 9 years ago when my husband and I quit smoking the first time. We went back to smoking after 18 months but I continued to gain weight over the next 6 years. Last spring we quit smoking again and I gained (what I hope to be the last) 25 pounds. I had known this was going to happen and accepted it as part of the healing process – I’ve been a smoker for 20 years and there is a grieving process that you must go through when you quit an addiction. At the 6 month mark I looked at my husband and my own reflection in the mirror and asked him ” wouldn’t it suck if we quit smoking for me to be unhappy about being fat?” With that I started the process to make that last final lifestyle change and get healthy.

Currently I am using the Lose it! app on my phone and trying to ease into a workout routine that I can stick with, with my hectic lifestyle. Over the next few months Wednesdays on my blog will be weigh in days with check-ins on my progress and any observations I’ve made from the previous week. My goal is to get back to 145 pounds I felt good there and although my husband thinks it’s on the thin side for me, it gives me about 10 pounds of wiggle room for those times that life just gets you down.

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey and look forward to any “constructive” comments you might have.

How did this week go you ask? Well there were struggles as with any type of life changing event, I had push back from the family on what we were eating – really nothing different yet, just smaller portion sizes, but as my husband learned of the money at steak if I won ($320) he became much more into helping me out than I previously expected. The dogs have loved all of the veggies – I swear they were vegetarians in a past life but I did find out this week that our shepherd is not a fan of celery, she sniffs it and turns up her nose. I’ve added it to the other 2 items she doesn’t like – beer and kiwi.

What type of food did we eat? this week I focused on two things, one changing where I eat – at a table, and making sure I didn’t snack after dinner – “TV Time” – I’m going to have to work on both some more, there were many days I found myself migrating to the couch after cooking, only to jump up and declare that we needed to move to the dining room. And while I may have snacked less than usual, it’s only because I didn’t watch as much TV. As far as food goes I didn’t change our diet much, just payed attention to the portion sizes, when it looks like I’m tapering on the weight loss then I’ll start sneaking in “healthier” alternatives to what we’re eating now.

And how about exercise? Well that’s another one I’ll have to work on, I’m really good at making sure the dogs get a decent walk in daily, but more than that will be the challenge. I work full time and volunteer at the girls school at least 4 nights a week. I’m going to need to set my priorities straight to ensure I get the “me” time I need to make a decent go of this challenge.

I’m sure you’re dying to know the answer to the most important question – how much did I lose? This week I lost 5.5 pounds! Although I know it’s mostly water and I’ll have to work a whole bunch harder next week, it’s a good start and I’ll take it.

how did you do this week?


1/2/14 – Thursday’s Thanks

It occurred to me last night as we were walking the dogs, that my husband and I have a lot to be thankful for. I say this as a slightly obsessive woman that tends to dwell on everything, I have been known on occasion to take more than my fair share of time as the year turns over, to reflect on the good, bad and ugly of the previous year, hopefully not too much of the ugly, even though it tends to creep up.

Wistfully I thought of how lucky I was to have a husband that was willing to go on a walk with me and the dogs, not only that but to “work out” with me for my own goals – not his. I thought of how blessed we all were to have been chosen by the funniest and most loving shelter puppies, and for the two beautiful and horribly frustrating teenagers waiting for us back at the house to cook dinner and provide for their every whim – yes even them I am truly thankful for and lucky to have. I though back over the year and while there were very few “big” changes in our household – the smaller ones bonded me even closer to my youngest and finalized the age old tradition of getting the older one out of the house and off to college as fast as we can.

Without going into detail, this year has been one of struggle for my husband and I, not one that would ultimately lead to a divorce but one that even after a few years, I believe we will still look back and say – yeh 2013 was really hard. The biggest triumph and issue stemmed from quitting smoking. On top of all of the physical stresses, kicking an addiction takes, we had to endure the emotional stress of giving up your best friend – and yes if you’re a smoker – that cigarette is really your beset friend. We had to learn to be humans again, ones that didn’t run away from our problems or ease into them with a few drags of nicotine. We had to face them head on with very raw nerve endings and unprepared emotional responses to even the simplest tasks, I’m not sure that at the end of this year there are things that my husband and I will be able to do together anymore – things we truly enjoyed once but without the buffer of a cigarette we’re not able to do without damaging eachother. On the flip side I do think it has bound us to each other in ways we didn’t know possible before, it gave us a view of each other that many do not allow others to see and while I do think this year was really rough, I hope that after a little while will look back and find rewarding as well.

Later over dinner I asked everyone what they really felt thankful for this last year, Sabrina – her medical conference in GA, Francesca – learning from her mistakes and hopefully doing something different the next time the situation comes around. Steve mentioned the family and how supportive we had been, Me you ask? Well I’m thankful I was able to sit at the dinner table with my family and learn that they actually had things to be thankful for, and things that were meaningful to them, not just platitudes to get me to stop bugging them. I am thankful that for that small moment we were all together gathered around the table discussing things that were happy and light, and hopefully when the “ugly” does come creeping into my head, I’ll have that memory to fall back on.

What are you thankful for?


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