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Disney Drinking – My Favorite Lounge in DCA

One of my favorite things to do as an adult when heading to Disney, is find a nice spot to sit in the afternoon and people watch. Preferably with a beverage in hand, and even better when that beverage has an alcohol base. And hands down my favorite spot to do that at the Disneyland Resort is the Carthay Circle Lounge – in DCA. 

It is literally a throw back to an easier time, as it pays homage to one of Walt Disney’s achievements (premiering Snow White).  When you enter the lounge you are welcomed with oversized chairs and heavy wood furniture, you literally get eaten by the arm chairs at the exterior tables. The lounge itself is small, and set up to keep guest huddled and give the illusion of privacy in a large space.  Again the lighting, plush rugs and great acoustics aid in the full effect, of sitting in a bar in the 40’s enjoying your late afternoon or pre dinner cocktail.

I have visited a few times now and have settled on the Pear Martini as my drink of choice, I could have two or three if time and other customers allowed it, but, it’s always busy and while no one ever pushes you to leave.  You do feel the looks from those waiting to get a seat :).

There are a number of tasty items you can order off the menu. We chose the Queso Fundito and were very pleased when it arrived. Yes that is a batch of melted cheesy goodness!

All in all, if you looking for a nice quiet place to sit, people watch and enjoy an Adult beverage, when next visiting the Disneyland Resort, I would suggest visiting the Carthay Circle Lounge.  It’s not the least expensive place to visit but the ambience, quality of food, drink and service make up for it.

Where do you like to visit when resting at Disneyland?

XoXo – Sarah


Summer Tanning Essentials 

Summer has hit us with full force this last week!  I’m struggling to keep up with my transitional wardrobe – Since summer is not usually seen until July, this morning I had to dig out from my under bed storage a maxi dress to keep cool.  With the onset of summer weather I have pulled out my Summer tanning ritual as well.

I am a pale individual, and I abhor wrinkles like there’s no tomorrow, so I have been on the self tanner kick for years. Quite honestly it feels like it’s taken years to find the right combination and formulas for the best tan (for me) I can “create”. 

Here’s my weekly routine

Saturday with my daily shower, I exfoliate, with a good scrub – for this exfoliation I use St. Tropez prep, it smells very perfume by the beads are small and do a great job.  Then I lotion up well with my Coconut body butter from Trader Joe’s – that stuff is awesome and will moisturizer the crap out of anything 🙂

Sunday evening – Around 7 for me, since you need a good hour and a half to do this – I take a quick shower to get the grips off, and do one last exfoliation with the Slow it body wash from the – European Wax center – I find it doesn’t leave any lotion-y feel to your skin and that helps with the application.

Once out and I’m sure I’m dry – because no one wants a streaky tan!  I put lotion on my wrists, ankles, elbows, knees, heels and toes – yes toes too! I let it sink in while I’m applying the tanner to my face.

I apply the Tarte Brazillance towelette all over my face,ears, neck and back of neck, while I’m waiting for that to soak in, I start with the St. Tropez one hour tanner on my legs and work my way up. 

The awesome thing about both tanners is they’re very mild and very gradual – I leave the Brazillance on overnight and wake up with a pretty healthy glow in the morning, I rinse the St. Tropez off after an hour – more so later in the summer 🙂 and have a gorgeous non smelly tan when I get up the next day.  

I do exfoliate once or twice during the week and definitely have to keep the tanning up to once a week in the summer time to keep consistent but I have found it to be an easy addition to my beauty routine and aside from the hour or so of trying to find something to do while mostly naked and afraid to sit on anything – lol – it’s really not that bad – OK I’m kidding it is that bad, but it’s what we do right?  I have taken to putting my IPad on the ironing board and scrolling through my social media feeds to pass the time a bit, it work 🙂

I hope you find this helpful, let me know what your Summer tanning routine looks like.

XoXo – Sarah 


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