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Chalene Johnson’s Beta Diet Test Week 2

Chalene beta diet

Happy weekend all! Sorry for the delay on this post, I had some computer issues this week and just got things up and running. Along with these matters, I had a food meltdown, severe sinus problems, and some domestic issues, so…..my eating went down with my mood as it tends to.

In all seriousness I had to stop the beta test toward the end of my second week – I have Sleep apnea, and I was starting to notice a sharp rise in my API numbers while on this plan. I’m still looking into the reasoning behind it, but as soon as I started adding carbs back into my eating routine, my numbers have regulated in just a few days. I am going to keep on the plan and work through “Round 2” starting next week. Hopefully testing out different carb options in the evening to see if I can alleviate the rise in my API. In the mean time here is my log for last week.

4/12 – Wednesday

I’m not sleeping well, I’m not sure if its the diet or the weather, let me be more clear, I’m sleeping and I don’t seem to be waking up as much; But my CPAP numbers have gone up from 1.5 to 2 or 2.5, and while that’s not a significant increase it’s enough to feel when I wake up in the morning. I also woke up feeling rather bloated again today – I think I’m going to have to cut out the dairy – starting obviously with the cheese and extra cream in food, I am not ready to get it out of my coffee unless I have to
Breakfast was at 11, and it was the last of the Frittata I made on Monday – I can tell you I was famished and it tasted awesome. Lunch was a charbroiled chicken wrap from Carl’s jr., and I got a massage later in the day that kind of screwed up my eating window so instead of having something enormous and heavy I decided to have a fat bomb and call it good.

4/13 – Thursday –

back to work and sleeping poorly again my number was closer to 3 today, and I have no idea what’s going on – I feel so tired.
Breakfast was at 11 again so down to the cafeteria I went and grabbed myself a green salad with grilled steak. Lunch was Coffee at 4:30 when I got home with a Fat bomb as a treat, and dinner was grilled chicken, sautéed veggies in ghee and cauliflower mash.

4/14 – Friday –

OMgee my numbers went up again 4.5 to be exact, I woke up so tired I’m restless all night, and I’m starting to get the headaches from lack of oxygen – it’s so strange that I can feel this bad with just a few ticks of the numbers on my CPAP. I’ve adjusted the straps to see if it’s just a leakage issue – I’ll have to see if that helps over the weekend.
Breakfast 11 am – yogurt, lunch at 4:30 coffee and fat bomb – Dinner 8 pm Steak and veggies Weight 239.

4/15 – Saturday –

numbers steady at 4 – I don’t think leakage is the issue. I need to check to see if there’s any research on the correlation between HFLC diets and Sleep Apnea issues. Or if it’s just me and I’m strange.
Breakfast 11 am – Eggs over Caprese salad, lunch big old salad, with kalamata olives and avocado, Dinner -7 pm Cobb salad from Panera.

4/16 – Sunday – Easter
I bought grapes and made nut flower cookies to take to my aunts for dinner. Hopefully, that will keep me away from the candy and such.

4/17 -Monday –

Home with a serious migraine, I was pretty good for Easter, I did have some grapes but kept mostly to on plan food, I did have taco salad that my grandma makes with tortilla chips, it gave me bloat like no one’s business and that was the end of that. Today I can barely see straight – I woke up, and my API on my CPAP was back down to 2 – seems if I add little carbs at the end of the day it helps me sleep better.

4/18 -Tuesday –

Still, home with a migraine, and I have spiraled with the carb knowledge – I feel awful and am eating pretty crappy food to make up for it (typical of me). I think I need to regroup and find out why my numbers are so high when I’m eating HFLC, and also see just how much on the carb side I need later in the day (and what type) to keep my API lower.

Recap –

As I stated above I am going to move into Round 2 next week and see if I can’t determine a stable path toward keeping my API numbers down and my carbs as low as I can for the plan. As Chalene said this is a “test” and trial and error will be key in finding the best way for my work towards a healthier lifestyle; I may find this is not the best plan of attack for me, but I’ve still learned a lot and plan on putting things into practice going forward. Also as mentioned above I have spiraled just a bit and am back up around 242 – I feel that’s mostly being bloated and dehydrated, most of my clothes still feel looser I’ll have to check on my measurements.

I’m thinking about posting a daily blog for this next round and weekly updates that aren’t as long – let me know if you like that idea or don’t mind reading a bigger post.


Chalene Johnson’s Diet Beta Test week 1

Chalene beta diet
Happy Wednesday everyone, I hope you’re having an excellent middle of your week. Me? I’m not too shabby, at least at the moment, I am a week into the Beta Diet test, and while I’ve had my ups and downs this week, I’m feeling pretty good about the progress I’ve made and moving into week two. If you didn’t figure it out from the Title it’s with Charlene Johnson- the PiYo lady (among many other things), and it’s what she calls a Metabolic prime and or prep before the heavy lifting of a diet starts. It is in Beta form so if you take it later on and there are different things for you to do that what I’m discussing here, that’s the reason why.

So What is it? It is being called a Metabolic Prime more than a Diet just to keep expectations low, it’s 3 weeks plus a transition week, starting with a two-week Ketogenic phase, then a week with a “fasting” option (more on that later) and lastly a week of transition back to a regular eating plan. It does not have a set meal plan, but there are parameters of what they would like you to include, stay away from and around the times they’d like you to eat. From there you make up your personalized meal plan based on what you know about yourself and what your body tells you, you need.

Here’s a quick (not all encompassing) list of what you should strive to limit, due to their inflammatory qualities (now mind you this is only for a short time, they do not expect you to live like this for the rest of your life)
– Sugar
-Artificial Sweetener
– Processed foods
– Known Toxins
-Carbonated beverages (sad face)
– fried food
– most all processed lunch meats
– saturated fats
– diet soda
– fast foods
– vegetable oil
-Artificial colors
– Cookies, crackers, cereals (, etc.)
Foods to eat (again not all encompassing)
Meats (grass fed, organic – as best as you can find)
Sustainable Fish
Oils (coconut, avocado, olive)
Seeds and notes
Fats – ghee, organic whole butter, avocados
Fruits/veggies – olives, healthy greens (asparagus, mushrooms, bell peppers, artichokes, etc.)
Dairy – (only if you can handle) full-fat yogurt, cream cheese

They want you to limit your snacks, try to keep your food intake to 3 meals a day and give intermittent fasting a try. And that’s it, you have to figure the rest out on your own – now mind you, if you were part of the Beta Test you do have access to videos, podcasts and a number of support people, including registered dietitians, so it’s not like you’re left hanging, but the key to this prime is to learn about yourself, your food habits and your emotional triggers to food and eating.

For me I started off tweaking a little, with limiting my sugar (I just can’t give up my morning coffee with cream and sugar) and cheese/cream, I need that extra bit of fat in my diet, or I can’t function.

Week 1 – 4/5 – 4/11 – I’m going to get used to the Keto process – I won’t be tracking calories, or exercise this first week, this is just to get a feel for my bodies rhythms and my moods. I will be tracking my weight each day, what I ate, when and how I feel at different points.

So here’s the breakdown of week one:

Measurements 4/5
Chest: 41
Waist: 41.75
Hips 53
Arm: 15.5
Thigh: 32.5
Calf: 18
Starting Weight: 245

Wednesday – 4/5 – Breakfast 8am – lunch 1:30 – Dinner 7pm
Do you have those days where you know you’re supposed to do something and yet the day before you just didn’t get it all together? Yep, that’s me too! This whole week did not go as planned but I did stay on plan as much as possible. Day one I didn’t even eat breakfast, but I had lunch at a reasonable time thank goodness for the cafeteria and hit the grocery store on the way home, when I did make it home, I made a nice big breakfast for dinner. I felt pretty good for day one – as I usually do, the only thing I struggled with as an intense craving for carbs. Exercise wise I was in the Gard for a solid 2 hours when I got home from work, planting weeding and getting ready for the storm that was supposed to come in.

Thursday – 4/6 – weight 245 – Breakfast 8:30 – lunch 1:30 – Dinner 7pm
Breakfast made – I had plain greek yogurt with a few blueberries, and pecans. Lunch was a steak salad from the cafeteria again, and dinner? Well, that was a little bit of a struggle, we ended up getting burgers, wrapped in lettuce but I did have fried green beans. I love The Habit! I was pretty tired by the time I got home Thursday night; I needed some energy boost at the end of the day. Thursday I spend another few hours in the garden.

Friday – 4/7 – weight 242.6 – Breakfast 9 – lunch 2 – Dinner 7
Friday started off well, I had my yogurt concoction for breakfast, if you can believe I had another Cobb salad from the cafeteria, and then it went downhill – It was my dad’s birthday, and I had a rough time (he died 7 years ago), I wanted to cook up a nice steak, have some cauliflower mash and grilled asparagus but, by the time I made it home I was a pretty decent mess, then my hubby was a typical man and made matters worse so in comes hotdogs and tater tots to the rescue. No exercise today, it was all I could do to stay vertical today.

Saturday – 4/8 – weight 244 – Breakfast 9 – lunch 2 – dinner 7
I got back on the horse and made myself yogurt, pecans, and blueberries, lunch was a salad with a hard-boiled egg, avocado, tomatoes and a nice homemade salad dressing. Dinner was what I wanted on Friday; we had a nice steak, a glass of wine (cheers dad) and some of the best cauliflower mash I’ve ever made. I also decided to make up so fat bombs to help out with the energy dump at the end of the afternoon. Feelings wise it was a little rocky, but I feel that was more from the fighting with the hubby than my actual mood, I took a nap in the afternoon, and then had a fat bomb and coffee to get me through the end of the day. Housework and heavy lifting – in the form of grabbing more mulch from Home Depot.

Sunday – 4/9 – no weigh in – breakfast 10 – lunch 2:30 dinner 7
Sunday was typical brunch – eggs, bacon, avocado and a few tomatoes with olive oil and balsamic vinegar – I’m a sucker for good breakfasts. Lunch was another salad like the day before, and dinner was taco salad, minus the beans and chips, it wasn’t bad……I missed the chips. I had major carb cravings Sunday night but they passed, and I moved on. Did I mention I was in the garden all weekend? Ok, not all weekend but I did another good couple of hours weeding and planting. I’ll be happy when planting season is over.

Monday – 4/10 – 242 – breakfast 10 – lunch 2:30 – dinner 7
I didn’t make it to the store this weekend – I swear I’ll make it there soon! I finished off the yogurt concoction and headed off to Whole Foods at lunch. I had grilled veggies, with roasted chicken, kalamata olives and Feta cheese for a little bit of fat. Dinner is traditional Monday breakfast night; I made a frittata. I have to tell you the fat bombs with a cup of coffee in the afternoon is getting me through. Piyo tonight – man leg day sucks!

Tuesday – 4/11 241.6 – breakfast 10:30 – lunch 2 – dinner 7
I woke up a little bloated today, not sure if it was the extra dairy in the frittata or what, I’ll need to pay attention to it, breakfast was the leftover frittata, lunch was Cobb salad – did I mention I like this Cobb salad at work? And Dinner was sautéed veggies (asparagus, onion, mushrooms and zucchini), over zoodles, with kalamata olives and pine nuts.
Again I had a cup of coffee and a fat bomb when I got home from work, I tend to get grouchy in the afternoon, and the chocolate from the fat bomb plus the little bit of sugar and caffeine in my coffee helps tremendously. No workout today, I’m really tired once I get this post done I’m heading off to bed early!

So what are my numbers for the first week:
Weight: down 3.4 pounds
Chest: 40
Waist: 40.75
Hips: 51
Arms: 15.5
Thigh: 32/5
Calf: 18

So I lost a little bit of weight and inches from areas that would benefit from debloating (is that a word). I’m pleasantly surprised and looking forward to moving into week 2.

Here’s what to expect next week:
I’m going to double down on making sure I get enough water intake this week; I’ll start tracking how many calories I’m consuming and honing in on how I feel when I feel like eating and what’s working for me.

Wish me luck – oh and if your interested in joining I hear Chalene is opening a 2nd Beta diet Test at the end of the month go to: Dietbetatest.com to get on the waiting list and hopefully join.


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