Spring Style update

I live in one of the best climates in the world, it’s not too hot, not too cold, our humidity is tolerable and we’re not overly dry. But, over the last few years our winters have been mild at best, and very very short. This year we’ve had what most would call a normal winter, but, as we enter into March I’m left with the feeling of nothing to wear, and lusting after a few more pieces to round out my wardrobe and keep me solid for a few more months of what I’m hoping to be rather wet weather.

Last week I sat down and really thought about what might round out my wardrobe, I have a sufficient number of pants, work wise and jeans. What I’m lacking in are tops, a few flowy tops, skirts and dresses. In addition I need a new pair of booties, and I’m looking for them to be in the greige category. After a little bit of online shopping I’ve come up with the following “wants” that would really augment my wardrobe and hold me over until Spring really comes.


I am lacking in tops something fierce at the moment, I have a number of T-shirts, most that have moved into the “can’t wear out of the house” category, and I have 3 or 4 work tops/sweaters that I’m so so, SO very bored of wearing after 4 months in rotation. After looking at everything coming out for spring I’m in love! They’re flowy – have a very boho style and look like they’ve fallen into hippie heaven, even some that I found for work (the basic Henley) came in a variety of pastels that makes a winter girl’s heart sing.


If I had any gripe about the majority of these tops, it would be the amount of work to find appropriate undergarments not to show.

Pants, skirts and dresses

This is where I show more of a diversity with my style, pleated midi skirts, along site a paisley maxi skirt. A very polished jumpsuit, next to a Ponte dress, and can we talk about that gorgeous trench coat! I love that look top to bottom.


I’m not sure that all of these pieces would make it in to augment my wardrobe but they were definitely what called to me when I was trolling the internet.


Lastly as mentioned I need a new pair of booties, and these fit the bill! Simple, grey, not to tall of a heel, that can be dressed down or up depending on what outfit I pair them with. And the pink sneakers you might ask? Who doesn’t love a great pair of sneakers for the weekend?


What are you looking to add to your spring-ish wardrobe?


Project Pan Makeup challenge РRules and Foundation 

We are a solid few weeks into project pan here at the Kirkland house and so far it hasn’t been too bad!  We’ll see how much that changes when the next Sephora Play Date comes up and I’m tempted by all the new beauties in good lighting.  But for now I’m ok – I even made it through a trip up to Reno without visiting my 2nd favorite Sephora, shoutout to the ladies at the Summit!  Let me take you through my Project Pan thought process and then we’ll get down to the nitty gritty of foundations.

A few weeks ago after a rather successful series with my Lipstick Obsession, and a gentle nudge by way of observation from a friend, I decided to purge my beauty collection and stop buying products for a bit.  The basic parameters are as follows:

1. Use up what you’ve got before buying something new

2.  Get rid of out of date items

3.  Be mindful of what you’re using – does it really work, do you like it, how does it feel, and would you recommend it?

4. There’s no real time frame but, I thought at least until November when Sephora has their VIB sale, although after going through my stash I’m not sure that’s even enough time.

My thoughts to start was to set up a pack with standards from each of the main makeup categories and use them for a month solidly.

– Foundation
– concealer

– Blush

– Eyes (shadow, liner, mascara)

– primers

– highlight and bronzer/contour

– lips

– Powder

Obviously if there was a big event I could cherry pick from my stash, but, for the most part I rotate through a pretty standard set during the week (keeping it conservative in the office) and the weekends tend to vary between no make at all to let’s see how dolled up we can get!  Once I picked out a nice rounding of the standards I’ve gone to work  deciding a few things, like, Does the product work? Do I like it? Does it smell Nice/funny? Longevity, etc. And lastly would I buy this product again? Ultimately that’s the big question – with everything that’s out there would this product stand the test of time?  As one that loves to try new things and has a hard time remembering that I really did like something a few months/years ago this will be the ultimate question for me.

First on the Chopping block – Foundation!

Quite honestly even as this photo was taken I was thinking I’m not currently wearing the Tinted moisturizer from Phsycians Formula (middle),  and after the pic it got tossed.  And I’m down to two!  Really these foundations fall into two categories for me – work week (Amore Pacific) and weekend light (Almay).  Currently the Amore Pacific is a shade or two darker than my skin tone to account for summer tan but the Smart Shade by Almay really does seem to work with my tanning schedule and ever changing skin color. Both have nice buildable coverage, I would have to say the Amore Pacific as a cushion formula goes on much drier than the Smart Shade and takes much less time to set. I’m not sure if I will replace it when I run out, I’m still in search of the perfect foundation and I don’t think this checks off all the boxes on my ever expanding list of needs – including making me look like Reese Witherspoon.  In regards to the Smart Shade it’s an awesome tinted moisturizer and I fully plan on seeing how it performs in the Florida heat come our Disney trip this October.  From there I’ll make my final decision on how much I love it.

Until Next time, XoXo – Sarah

If you want to read my first post about Project Pan click here

What is your current go to Summer Foundation?



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