Diet Beta Test 5/1

Welcome to Day one – which is week two but last week was a lot of prep and decision making about how this journey was going to go. I also did some soul searching about how I was going to approach this topic writing and how I would best honor myself and the creators of the Diet Beta Test. So I’m going to lay the groundwork out here in this post and on and off down the road just to make sure we’re all clear.

1. I will not be sharing any of the materials from the diet beta test. If I did not create the information, infographics or text, It will not be posted here. If you’re looking for freebies – sorry you need to move on.
2. This journey is a story about me and my experiences, it may or may not fit with the information you know about yourself, your experiences or beliefs. I share it with you as a labor of love and exhibitionism on my part. Please do not try to take anything I write hear as gospel for yourself, please do not think it will work for you or that I am preaching a way of life for you to follow. That is the true key and beauty of the Diet beta test, it is highly personalized, and will be different for every person that tries it.
3. I will be posting daily in any combination of blogs, vlogs recipes, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook posts, (etc), if I reference anyone posts, I will make sure to link back to the information and give credit to the originator as best as I can. If I do not and it is your work, please contact me, and I will make sure to correct/update the information.
4. I’m exited about sharing this journey with you, I hope you are too.
Day 1

It is hot as blazes today – I feel May Day wanted to start off with a bang! And she did not disappoint, those that may want to dance naked around a May Pole tonight would be well within reason in this heat. Today did not start off as well as it could have. I came home from a weekend getaway late yesterday afternoon and did not have as much time to prep as I wanted to. As I’ve posted previously thank goodness for our cafeteria and their idea of real wholesome food; I ate breakfast and lunch there, breakfast was plain yogurt, berries and a handful of pecans with coffee, lunch was a turkey Cobb salad.
I knew today was going to be tough – I say that even as I’m writing at 8:30 in the evening, while still meal prepping for tomorrow and thinking about heading out to the grocery store for a few more things. Such is life! I did have a moment of weakness this afternoon, I had my husband make me a cheese quesadilla with a low carb tortilla (so not on plan – per say), but we didn’t have anything else in the house, and I was hungry at that moment. So I called it dinner and have moved on.

This week my goals are:
1. to establish a good fasting schedule – I realized on my last round that I was breaking my fast far earlier than I thought by having my morning cup of coffee at 7. After research I realized (I’m an idiot) any calories consumed is considered a break in the fasting protocol and should be counted as the first time you “eat.” So coffee consumption will be later in the morning – It’s probably better to start off with a big ole glass of water anyway.
2. Drink 120 ounces of water a day by the end of the week – I’m sill not drinking as much as I should be, but with this hot weather it may not be as hard as it has been.
3. Pay attention to my API and sleep patterns. Last round my numbers skyrocketed, but since I wasn’t tracking well, I don’t have a reason as to why. This time I have a chart set out with as much information as I can, that would be helpful to know and see if there’s any correlation between my diet changes and my API.

Here’s a few quick pics of my tracking numbers and me.


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