NYX Lid Lingere Palette – Review

I found the NYX Lid Lingerie palette just before Christmas and instantly fell in love with its simplicity and colors. Anyone that’s read my lipstick love posts, knows I’m a sucker for a nude, and this palette fit the bill perfect. But I held off on purchasing until I could get to the NYX retail store and test out the wear of the powders, I’ve been burned by NYX shadow palettes before, drawn in by their colors and packaging, only to be dissapointed with blotchy products and bad wear. So how did this one fair? Read on to find out.

What do you get

This palette is a follow up to NYX’s Lip Lingerie line, it is a set of 6 matte colors, in various nude shades to be worn together or alone for a look anywhere between subtle and full blown nude smoky eye. You get six .04 oz pans of shadow for $10 on the NYX website breaking down to $1.66 a shadow.


I love the simple packaging of this kit, it’s simple – no mirror or brush, which quite honestly I don’t feel I need anyway. It’s compact, about 2.5 inches wide and 3.75 inches long. but you get a decent amount of product for it’s size.

How did it look

NYX really nailed it with the look on this product, 6 square pans in an easy to see package, it is visually appealing to someone that likes sleek lines.

How did it smell

There is a little bit of a fragrance to the product but not much I really had to get in there to smell anything.

How does it wear

And now down to the nitty gritty of the product. NYX palates have a tendency to be hit or miss on blotchyness. Sometimes their darker shades just dont hold up. All in all, this Palette really wowed me, the colors have depth, they blend well, and they don’t muddy together. Here’s a pic with primer and without to give you an idea of the coverage.

Wear wise, I felt with primer it lasted all day with very little bleed or oxidation. I took a shot of one of the looks in the morning and the same at night for comparrison.

Any adverse reactions to the product

I have mild talc issues, which this palette contains, but it did not seem to trigger any of my normal reactions. I’ve worn every color multiple times without incident.

Value for price point

You get six .04 oz pans of shadow for $10 on the NYX website breaking down to $1.66 a shadow. To give an example of a similar 6 pan design, the Tartelette Tease palette has six .03 oz pans for $27 dollars breaking down to $4.50 a pan – mind you Tarte is a higher end brand, but I would wager this particular NYX palette could give the Tarlette Tease palette a run for its money.

What I love

I have had a lot of fun testing out this palette, in my opinion, it is very versatile for being a neutral palette with only 6 colors, I think it’s a great palette to wear during the work week. I’ve paired it with brown, black and oxblood eyeliner over the course of the looks and have been pleased with all of them. Below are just a few of the looks I’ve come up with over time for this palette.

What could use some work

The only true gripe I have with the palette are the warmth of the lighter colors, if I had my way, one of them would be a cooler neutral to really make things pop.

Final thoughts

All in all, I really love this palette, it’s a mainstay in my collection, and while I have a few others to choose from, I’ve reached for this palette more often than not to round out my work week makeup look. If you’re looking for an affordable neutral palette, look no further. You will be pleased with your purchase.

What do you think about this palette?


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