The ups and downs of out of touch Voting

I’m going to share a secret with you, I hate voting!  Now before someone gets up in arms with me, don’t worry I still do it.  Just like I go to the dentist, or file my taxes.  I do vote though, grudgingly, and usually at the last minute.  And to take things a step further, I will not be discussing actually political views in this post, I was raised you don’t have that conversation in mixed company, or with people you still want to like tomorrow. This post is about my neurosis, and the minutia I feel we all get stuck in during the democratic process.

So why bring it up at all? Well, I have to tell you,  I just spent a good part of my lunch break going over all the propositions we have to vote on, and for me that means, actually reading the proposed law, or as much of it as I can power through, (this years was 105 pages long) trying to decipher the text in front of me, then trying to make as informed of a decision as I can from the very narrow bit of information provided. Now lets add in the fact that I don’t read the newspaper often, I don’t watch local news, and the majority of my information comes from, my ABC7 updates from the app,  Yahoo, Twitter, and rarely the NY Times (via their daily Sudoku puzzle), I’m a little lost when it comes to what’s happing in my town or county.

Each year I think to myself, standing there with my hands on my hips ala Superman with the wind blowing my cape around “this will be the year we become more informed!”, or ” THIS will be the time I become more informed!” And then PTA meetings start up, and volleyball carpool, the holidays roll around with all of the parties and baking.  Summer vacations, and winter retreats, and the next thing I know it’s 4 years later and we’re in the middle of the next heated election and I am none the wiser at what’s going on. To help you think less of me as I continue through this post, I have a deal with my best friend at work, that he has to tell me if any major, afffecting to me and those I love, news breaks.  Yes friends and family, I really am that out of touch with things. Mind you if you’re intersted I just listened to really interesting podcast about Ghost ships from Stuff you missed in History Class.

Back to my rant, so here I am on my lunch reading through the propositions, and quite honestly blurring a little between the needs of sex works and plastic grocery bags, and grrring to myself about the whole thing. When I get a text from my oldest with a picture of her “I voted” sticker. She was so excited to vote this year, even though she has been able to in the past this is her first presidential election and she wanted to make sure she had the opportunity to give her opinion.  And of course it dawned on my that that’s the reason why I trudge out to the polls late on a Tuesday evening, so for a bit I can exercise my right to vote – the one that so many women before me fought for. So slightly shamed and a little more optimistic about the process, I went back to my reading and when it’s time to go in to the little booth, I will do my best to make the best decisions, because my daughter was excited to do so today, and my great-great grandmother fought so hard to make it happen.

Happy Voting!


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