Week in Review – 10/1/16

Happy Saturday, I thought I would start a new series akin to the week in pics, something easy something that helps you get to know me and something that will hopefully get you thinking about your own week in review. As always if you’re interested in following me on any of my social media platforms they are listed below:  IG – Fallingwithstyle.co, Sarahgetfit77, and SandSlovedisney  

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I know, I know we all say this too often – I cannot believe it is October! I swear I was just celebrating my Birthday, and heading down to Modesto for Labor day. Can you believe there are 85 days until Christmas? How about 54 days til Thanksgiving. Let’s just say it’s going, going, going time in the Kirkland house. 

With that here’s a few categories I thought you might be interested in: 

What are you reading – Still reading Michael Pollans – In Defense of Food, which works out well with the Unprocessed October challenge just getting underway, but also running a refresher course on Getting things done by David Allen. I realized my organizational skills are falling behind, so a quick browse through the pages, to make sure I’m keeping up to date with my skills is always helpful.
What are you listening to – Podcasts again, Chalene Johnson and Stuff you missed in History class.   
What are you watching – Hopefully tonight I’m going to watch the Annieversay Edition of Beauty and the Beast. Other than that, it’s been all hustle all the time this week – thank God I have a DVR! 
What are you working on – Steve and I both have side projects that are getting underway, it’s a lot of late nights on the computer, with emails and calls and trying to learn new things quickly and be able to do them well, so chaos has ensued. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can share some of it with you, but I don’t want to jinx anything until it’s up and running. 
Weekly goals –

– Clean Eating 6 days this week
– Buy the add on of Country heat – from Beach Body on Demand

– Get all of my photo challenge and Flat lay’s done on Sunday

– At home Spa night 

Food for the week/fitness goals – Ok since my weekly goals were mostly food and fitness, I’ll elaborate here. I eat pretty clean, at least when I cook. Most processed food gives me heartburn like you wouldn’t beleive so I stick to the things I know won’t make me too sick, with that said, I do like my micorwave popcorn (extra butter) and Reese’s pieces, especially when I’m tired, and I have been known to love french fries and root beer floats from our local Fosters freeze. So this first week of Unprocessed October is working toward eating at home and clean for 6 days, leaving a little bit of room for life just in case. On the fitness side, I decided I really liked the new Country Heat Program from Beach Body and I plan on downloading the full program from BBOD. Lastly I got two groupons for Steve and I to start a Hot Yoga Class, I plan on getting him down to the first class sometime next week. 
Beauty updates – Don’t you love the Holiday beauty sets? I know I do, I’ve already got a few listed for things I want to try but don’t want to 1. Pay full price, or 2. Get a full size of. I’ve been keeping an eye out to see when the Sephora launch will happen, along with Ulta and Nordstrom.   
Style update – It. is fall, it is fall it is fall -it’s even supposed to rain early next week here in Nor Cal and I couln’t be happier. I am ready for boots, and flannels, and cozy sweaters you can curl yourself up in.   
What did you really screw up this week – Well I had a fight with Steve this week, where I was accusing him of being slovenly, don’t get me wrong he is! But, he mentioned my growing mess that might actually be moving a little in the livingroom and after spending a few minutes the next morning looking for something in said messy pile I realized I probably didn’t have much right to complain to him about his messiness. 
What did you do that was awesome – I had a lot of fun last night, wandering around the mall, before the Sephora Play Date – it gave me an opportunity to see what styles are being pushed out hard at the different stores, along with a lovely stroll through my favorite accesssory stores, Swarovski, Coach, Lush (although not accessories at all) and finally a quick round through Sephora before I left. Even more surprising, I still have not purchased any new (unneeded) makeup. 
How’s the family – Family is good, Francesca is in full planning mode for Homecoming in a few weeks, along with getting ready for Volleyball finals. She is the epitomie of the child that is never home, between school, volleyball, and work she’s basically home to sleep. I suppose I really need to get used to an empty house, especially since I’ve been saying I’m ready for it, but sometimes I get a little lonely. Steve is up in Oregon at a Bronco (truck) show, so this week has been getting ready for the show, let’s just say it’s been all truck all the time! Oil Change, Washing, new trailer hitch and he has a shiny truck to tow up the mountian. 
How are the dogs – The dogs have been oh so grouchy with us, I have had recycling torn through the back room, they chewed up a toner cartridge left on our printer desk, and they have been ornery like you would not beleive. So long walks have been happening the last week or so, to make sure they’re nice and tired, and somewhat placated during the long hours we’re at work. And if I do have to leave the house after I get home from the office, I make sure to take them with me on a road trip – which they love. 
Until next week – XoXo – Sarah 



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