Why the Olympics should be important to you!

We’re not the most athletic people, I’m sure you had no idea about that based on my blog posts or rubenesque shape.  But for a few weeks ever four years, we are huge fans of sports we don’t watch any other time.  Ok that might be overstating – both of our girls have been heavy into sports most of their lives, and we’ve spent our fair share of time in smelly gyms in multiple cities across the west cost cheering on our respective teams.  But if given the choice we have no interest in sports (save baseball – we will listen to or watch that almost anytime – GO GIANTS!).  Then the Olympics come and we’re all about Team USA.  I tell you Sunday we watched a bicycle race – yes you read correctly a bicycle race! Mind you it was on the TV quietly in the background for a good stretch, then the last 25/30 meters we became enthralled.  Here a sport that wold drive both of us mad to watch during any other Sunday, you found me cheering and yelling at the TV, we despaired when the leader took an awful tumble, and celebrated when the American took the lead.  The last 10 meters we were on the edge of our seats urging her on, and I tell you I almost cried when she lost.  And the big question we both had was – Why?

I’ve had a bit to think about it – how a man that couldn’t care less when football season starts, would ask the last 3 nights as we sit down for dinner what’s on for the Olympics.  Or how I who is normally so concious about what time we go to bed to make sure we get enough rest, is falling asleep on the couch just to see one of the key races. Here’s my thoughts. Currently both the hubby and I are in a big hustle; my job seems shaky at best over the next few years and his, waxes and wanes seasonally.  We’re at a tipping point in our lives where our hobbies just might make us some money if we tend to them a little more, tighten our belts just a bit and with a little luck we might be a couple that makes it out in the websphere. But it takes drive!  It takes getting up in the morning way earlier than you want to, to squeeze in a bit of research before your day starts, your lunches are planning sessions, or major writing fests, evenings and weekends a filled with photos and editing and more planning – and then a whole bunch of second guessing – but only for a little bit, because it’s honestly back to hustling.

That’s exactly what these athletes have been doing their entire lives, sacrificing weekends, early mornings outnumbered sleeping in, failures and hiccups that are treated a lessons as opposed to stopping points.  Years and years and years of hustling, honing and an unyielding belief in what they’re working toward.  I have watched these men and women the last few days and you can see who has the sparkle, the drive to see their dreams through.  There’s a swagger to the way they walk, for those we love to cheer on, they have a underlying sense of calm and perhaps a good respect for their sport and the people around them that have made it to these events with them. They fully understand what needs to be done and truly believe that they will be the ones accomplishing it. Isn’t that what we all should be doing?  Do you have something in your life you’re that passionate about?  If not – you should go find it, and not after this post – you should go find it now!   Find your passion, work toward that hustle and make yourself the better person you are supposed to become.

Don’t make it a two week event every four years like the Olympics – the athletes don’t. I know most that go home are going back home to train and make themselves just a fraction better than they wor before – beacause just that fraction could mean the difference in winning and losing the next time around.  And we should be doing it too.  Pick your player, your team, your swimmer, gymnast, cyclist, rower – whatever you like just find their swagger and drive (let it resonate in you and set fire to the passion you have in your own life). Go on get in there and hustle, be better and see how far it can take you.

X0Xo – Sarah


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