Wild hair? No problem

My mother calls it my midlife crisis!   I’ve been calling it my stand against the norm, and a very literal expression of my creativity. Let me start at the beginning. 

In my “paying” job, I work in a rather conservative environment.  For a bit I sat with a sales team, which meant business casual everyday (except Friday’s but you still needed to look nice), your hair is done, your makeup is neutral dressy and on point, and by all means do not rock the boat.  Even as the dress code became more flexible, this group stayed with the norm to hold up “decorum” in their office. Sitting with them meant keeping up with the Joneses or be judged.  So for the good part of 4 years, I dressed accordingly, followed a standard plan for hairstyles, blowout, curly, bun repeat, and very mild makeup.  About two years ago one of the older women in the group retired, she was replaced by someone closer in age to me, and to my surprise and delight, she did not meet the company norm – she had a newer haircut, dyed jet black with pink highlights.  I thought my girlfriend was going to die the first time we met her. She also had a slightly edgier style than the rest of the team and it set her apart, some might even say (me) it elevated her above the rest.   And in that moment I realized I was shorting myself from the fun I should be having in my day to day life.

Within a month of her hiring the team was moved to a different part of the building and I was left to my own devices, I directed to keep up with dressing nicer, but I got a bee in my bonnet about my hair, one Christmas I decide it was time, and really have not gone back since.

Take Christmas two years ago, I went a little red for the season.

As you can see my first few times I was timid with the colors used, relying more on style than color.

And then the transformation really took hold – Red!

Purple! Each time I went to my stylist we would try to stretch the limits on the color and my hair’s ability to recover.

Then I got this idea to dye it pinky/grey – now obviously below that’s not the color, we needed a transition before the big change.

And then……….something happened, something that has never occurred in my life – this last round of color, my hair decided it wasn’t having it.   My stylist  and I are both pretty stunned by that fact. But, the color that did take (mostly ash, and platinum) looks great with what’s there and perhaps the next round (In September) will be better.

For now, lot’s of deep conditioning to get it back into fighting strength and I’ll rock out all the fun Boho styles of the season!
XoXo – Sarah



  1. therealjlow says:

    I love the blonde though! What are you fancying next? the only colour I’ve ever regretted dying my hair was black but not because I didn’t like it but because it had to grow out to have anything else done to it! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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