Project Pan

I’m rolling in on the last half of my Lipstick obsession series, if you’re interested in reading about them check out my latest post here.  I’ve learned a lot about what I like and don’t like in a lip decorator, most recently I learned that while I think I like nude pinks and they’re what I gravitate for when picking out colors, but I  don’t like the way they look on me, most come off as 80’s pink and there’s just no room in my arsenal for that!On top of these revlations, I was recently product shamed (with love) by one of my friends about having too much!  After reeling from the hurt on the comment I started to take a good look at my overflowing vanity.  Where I’ve opted for a more simplified life in my wardrobe and tried to apply that to other areas of my life, my makeup collection has grown exponentially over the last year.  I do realize that as a blogger, and primarily a lifestyle and beauty blogger, this is a hazard of itself.  But, between IG and Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube, I get sucked into the hype as much as the next person.  

I’ve decided to challenge myself to refrain from the purchase of makeup for a good while, let’s say at least 3 months maybe more, with a few exceptions I’ll list below. In that time I will make some comparisons, get creative with what I’m wearing and really decide if I need all of it or if I’m just sucked into the hype (initial thought – probably a bit of both), so here’s the nitty gritty.


Start date: 8/1/16 (I’m not going to mention because I want a few of the Huda liquid lipsticks coming out on Friday – lol)

Duration: 3 months maybe 4/5 depending of what awesomeness comes out of the Sephora sale toward the Holidays 

What I won’t purchase: eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, highlight, mascara, lipstick (sigh), eyeliner, etc

Exceptions: Foundataion, Concealer, primer, maybe mascara (things that are standard to my routine that may or may not run out during the  project)


Now here’s a few questions for you, do you want to see me break things down like my lipsticks? How many what colors? Are there any challenges you’d like to see me try while doing this project?  Same Eye palette for a week 5 different looks? Reviews like my product reviews or how I feel in general about them like my lippies? Let me know in the comments.

XoXo – Sarah


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