Wellness Wednesday 7/20/16

Happy Wednesday everyone, I hope the world has been good to you this last week.  Me? I feel I am moving forward, and that is an amazing thing for me.  I want to say it’s a pull back to yoga and meditation in the morning before I really start my day but it might just be the whole ritual from getting up, to drinking the honey lemon water, and so on.  Here’s what’s been going on in my life health wise the last week.

Drinking Lemon and honey water first thing in the morning: Drinking honey lemon water has been recenlty touted as the cure all for everything from being overweight to curing the common cold, to flushing your liver of toxins.  I’m not sure I beleive all of the thing people say drinking it is good for but, it is a nice boost of vitamin C and local raw honey is a great way to help with your allergies if you suffer from them. For those that know me, I have terrible sinus issues, for a long time it was thought to be because of my allergies.  Low and behold after a trip to the allergist, come to find out, I’m only allegic to dust mites (that are everywhere).  But I had already been on the honey lemon water bandwagon for a while and since it’s a nice pick me up in the morning and part of my ritual I figured it can’t hurt.  With all of that said, drinking lemon juice can be pretty harsh on your teeth, so make sure you rinse well after drinking and don’t brush your teeth for at least a half hour after drinking to get your mouths PH back to normal.

Oil Pulling: This is something I’ve just started and again let me give you a little background on why I’m giving this a shot.  I have terrible teeth, and even more so, I have terrible gums.  Even with regular flossing, and a floride rinse, my gum numbers are in the 3’s and 4’s, I’m constantly fighiting the doctor on having to do another deep cleaning or as they like to call it (scaling and planing – torture by mouth).  One of the things mentioned over and over again from both skeptics and believers is how it helps clean plaque and, whitens your teeth.  So while there may or may not be other benefits, if it helps me get my numbers down to 1’s and 2’s with my regular cleanings every 3 months I will take it.  I’ll let you know how it goes, and let me know if you want to know more about it.

Lastly, Devotion/Yoga and Meditation: OK I know, I know, I’m sounding all Berkeley hippie again.  My typical morning right now is wake up, oil pull, followed  honey lemon tea, and reading my daily devotion – I mentioned in another post that while mine is religous I beleieve that any afirmation reading before meditation and yoga can really set your mind during the task and start your day well.  Next up, a 21 day Mediation challenge from Oprah/Depak (this one is about getting unstuck and it’s pretty intersting so far) I’m a litlte behind but Today’s mantra was “I am in control of my brain, it does not control me” which worked well with my devotion that paraphrased to, “you should only worry about today, tomorrow will have it’s own troubles”.  So centered and ready for the day I moved into a really fun Yoga/Flow from Beachbody on demand that made me giggle while trying to keep up with they ladies on my screen.

All in all I feel well this week and that’s about as good as it gets.

XoXo – Sarah




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