Lipstick Obsession Part 6 – more duds 

Happy Tuesday and welcome to this weeks edition of my Lipstick Obsession. This week we’re working on a new batch of duds! If you’re interested in reading my other posts click below:

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I do have to say as we progress in this journey I am pleased that my dud pile is smaller than my love, although I have been rather picky about my colors so far, let’s just say there may be a whole host of duds as we get closer to the bottom of the pile.  This batch aside from the bottom color (Subtle Peony)  I just didn’t think the payout was there from the color itself…….

Nudestix – Flesh/Soul – this is a dual sided lip and cheek color pencil.  The colors swatch so beautifully and if you were in the market for an easy to pack travel duo this might be what you would reach for.  Even more so if you’re in the mood for a very natual look (which we know I’m not really the best with that) you might find this duo the best thing ever!  For me, iw was a little too nude and not enough bang for my buck.

Tarte – Park Ave Princess – I am on a Tarte kick at the moment, they’re new lippie stick collection is to die for.  Needless to say I was really excited when this came in a sample box from Sephora, alas it was not to be, the color is minimal on my lips at best, and even though the formula is nice and hydrating, I think I might actually get more of a glossy payout from my Burt’s bee’s Mango balm.

Sephora – Rouge Balm – Subtle Peony – This was the second of those impulse buys from Frannie’s prom look.  I really loved the swatch in the store, but when it oxidizes on my skin it’s just not pretty.  Don’t get me wrong there’s 10 more colors in the collection that I plan on at least looking at, but sadly, this color will go into the donate to the kiddo’s box.

have you tried any of these lippies? how did you fell about them?

Until Next time – XoXo – Sarah



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