H20+ – Oasis Hydrating Treatment Review

Do you ever have those “OH Crap!” Moments?  I had one this weekend after a trip to the Boardwalk with the hubby and kid for my birthday.  As I peeled off my clothes I realized that that my raw nerve, sensitive as all get out feeling on my shoulders was actually a sun burn, not just too much environmental exposure for the day.  Let’s just say I was a lobster and really upset!  For those that have been following me for a little while, I am the queen of sunscreen, I wear a hat most days, I always wear sunscreen and I reapply regularly – but for some reason even though both the hubby and I had used this brand and the same new bottle in Disneyland 2 months back I burned badly.

After I applied the first does of Solarcaine I went looking through my beauty closet for some additional help.  Enter H20+ – Oasis Hydrating Treatment I got this deluxe sample in one of my PopSugar boxes and hadn’t gotten around to testing it, I popped it open before we went to bed and slathered it on my face, shoulders, décolletage and arms – yes even my forearms burned!  Then I proceeded to slather it all over my husband as well. The next morning we were both noticeably less red, but both the hubby and I took that to our internal temperatures and just getting out of the sun for a bit. I put a second and 3rd application on in the morning and late afternoon and by evening I was convinced this treatment was helping.

Two days later, no more burn, and better yet no pesky pealing or weird uneven skin. I have to say for not using this product the way it was directed it may be the best sunburn treatment I’ve used in my life!  Add the fact that I did use it on my unturned face the first few days just as an added help to wind chap and it really did make my skin nicely  hydrated and smooth. 

If you have very dry skin or are in need of a good Hydrating treatment I would totally recommend this product.  Even more so, if you ever have an OH Crap! Moment and get a decent sunburn, definatley spend the money and help yourself out.

XoXo – Sarah


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