Fourth of July Firework T-shirt – DIY

I love the Timehop app, it always brings back great memories for me, and sometimes a little inspiration for a new/old blog post.  Do you do that sometimes too? Take pictures of things you want to post and then forget about them for months or even a year?  

Today is Independence Day here in the States, traditionally in my family we head over to my moms for a barbecue and to watch the fireworks.  This year we’re heading over but without the fireworks watching, no worries we have some on our T-shirts to get by.

If you would like to make these shirts you will need:

Cotton Tshirt – washed

Pipe Cleaners – About 30

fabric paint

Cardboard to put between the front and back of the shirt


You’ll want to start with a the carboard between the front and back of your shirt, then you’ll want to make a pipe cleaner spider as your firework stamp.  We put 10 pipe cleaners together decided how long we wanted the firework to be then cut them down to size, we made one stamp for each color so they wouldn’t get muddy between stamping.

Start with the lightest color first, so you have a good base, then decide what pattern you want your fireworks to have.I chose having them across my shoulder to avoid the potential firework on the boob placement. ::)

Then stamp the next color on top of the first.

Here’s my mom’s shirt, she did her’s slightly different.

then add in the last color.

Let it dry overnight and you have a shirt that will last through all your patriotic events 😉

Happy fourth and you can bet I’m wearing my shirt today!

XoXo -Sarah


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