An ode to the Capsule Wardrobe 

I initially started this post as a quick guide to organizing your closet, and realized that many of my newer followers might not know about my clothes history.  And more particularly my love hate relationship with clothes and my body. At the time I was buying cheaply made pieces, way too many of them, and regularly having the issue of not having wear.  Enter the Capsule wardrobe concept.  Pare down to key pieces, don’t shop for 3-6 months during that particular capsule and you’ll always have an outfit to wear.  

It was perfect for me at the time,  I waded thorugh my clothes, was diligent about getting rid of anything I didn’t like, that didn’t fit me well, and that didn’t look good on me.  The first few months were fabulous, then I made a few errors on my winter capsule that I suffered through until spring, and then I got bored with the concept.  And I realized as many do, a Capusule is a good place to start but does not make a wardrobe for long.  

I had to develop my own sense of style, what did I want to look like? What do I look good in? And Please lord stop looking at the numbers on the tags – either size or price because if you love it, it should fit your well, and sometimes be dammed the cost.

What accessories play well with what pieces, and can you use those to satisfy your need to constantly change things while still keeping to the style you’ve delve loped.

And can you parlay that into a closet that speaks to you most days instead of one that laughs as you try to dig out the one item you don’t actually have.

I still have days where I have issues with my body image, embracing a “curvy girl” life doesn’t mean you love it all time, but I do trust that I look good in my very carefully curated closet that really only has a few pieces that are more than 3 years old. Once I decided who I wanted to project myself as, it’s been very easy to find the clothes to match.  So thank you first year of my Capusule wardrobe for letting me find myself as I stumbled through all my really bad outfits. And thank you now to my closet that no longer laughes at me when I open the door.


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