Lipstick Obsession – part 3

Happy Monday and welcome to the 3rd edition of I have too much lipstick! Wait no that would be the name if my husband had his way.  Welcome to the 3rd edition of my Lipstick Obsession.  I have somewhat revamped my way of processing through my lipstick and thought it was time for an update.  I am currently working through all of my colors, and right now except for 2 once I’ve worn it, it goes in the love, hate or – eh pile – (I’ll explain the 3rd category in a sec) and I can’t reward them until I go through all the rest of the colors.  That way I actually cycle through them, instead of reusing the same ones I love over and over. So here we start.

I finally catalogued everything and have a total number to start with.  I currently own – 64 lip products (give or take)

And my current breakdown is as follows:

Lip pencils – 7 – including nudestix double side, Lip liners – 7, Lipstick satin/glossy – 12, Latte/liquid lip – 10, Balms – 8 and,  Glossy – 8

Now I know that doesn’t equal out to 64 quite yet, I have gone through a few and have some loves, some hates, and one I’m really on the fence about. Today we’re going to talk about the loves so far, and my need for an Eh category.

In the love category I have 6!

The first two are lip contour pencils from Huda Beauty in Trophy Wife and Bombshell, they are my go to weekend colors, I swear I have them in my purse all the time and I use them alone or with similar shades.  I know I have a lot of lipstick at the moment but I tell you when the liquid lipsticks of Huda’s come out in a few weeks, I’ll be all over those as well!

Next up, is Kat Von D’s Lolita – Awesome nude liquid lip, I get so many compliments on it.  

Then Covergirl’s Colorlicious lipstick in Champange (235) 

Lipstick Queens – Frog Prince – I wrote a whole post about it here

And lastly – Sephora’s Balm Rouge – in Enchanting Blush

Now let’s talk about the Eh – category.  It’s not a love, or a hate, it’s just – eh.  I’m putting those colors off to the side and giving them a second chance at the end.

So that’s it for this week – tell me if you’ve tried any of these and what you think if them.

XoXo – Sarah



  1. therealjlow says:

    I have to say that is a lot of lipsticks! But it just happens, I feel! One moment you just have five or ten and the next …64! How are you finding liquid lipsticks overall? (I’m a full on Yves Saint Laurent, Rouge Per Couture addict!) also I need thoughts for wedding lipsticks! Thoughts?

    Love as always!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes I feel that, some of them might actually be reproducing in my drawer, and I think I picked up a lot as gift packs around Christmas. I love a good liquid lipstick – with that being said I will not wear them more than twice a week, as they can be really drying, and there’s prep involved to make them look good. I cannot speak to the YSL lippie but I love the brand in general and really like the other lip products I’ve tried. My top 3 brands are Kat Von D – although the color selection is not as big as others, Anastasia Beverly Hills (I would totally suggest this one for the wedding – I had my cousin use it for hers) I love the selection and it seems to be less drying than most, and lastly Sephora’s Luster Matte Long wearing lip color – it’s not a true matte, but it’s like velvet on the lip, long wearing and comes in great colors.

      What is your make up look for the wedding? Are you doing yourself or having it done?


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