Wellness Wednesday 6/8/16

I thought I would start a new series this week and share a small part of the rest of my life with you.  If any of you follow me on Sanpchat (slkirkland)  you know I’ve been having some health issues lately.  Most presently I’ve gone in for a sleep apnea test, while I’m still waiting the results (Kaiser takes about a week); I thought I would start getting my health life back in order and see if I can improve my quality of life other ways.  

To give a brief history, I was a very active person up to maybe 3 years ago.  Intertsingly about the time that my husband and I quit smoking, my health took a crap.  Mind you both of us gained some weight – me about 25 pounds my husband around 40.  Then the sinus and ear infections started, and the migraines.  Shortly after there was a stint with a recurring staff infection that lasted almost 6 months, a brief break from birth control (I know a little tmi) but I thought it wasn’t worth it to use if I was on antibiotics all the time time and we had to use alternative prevention anyway.  Needless to say my body has been a wreak since.  So it’s been in and out of the Doctors office since 2013, let me preface this with saying none of this is life threatening, I almost feel bad talking about it, but what it has become is a slow deterioration of the quality of life I have.  Slowly the sinus infections have stretched out and I’ve only had one this year so far (which is a record for me) I did finally get into an allergist that tested me for everything under the sun, only to find out I’m allergic to dust mites (which are everywhere) and he put me on another allergy medication that really seems to have fixed a lot of my sinus issues.  But shortly after I realized I was having a really hard time getting up in the morning, I checked in with the doc and he said it would pass over time, 3 months later and I was still having the problem.  Flash forward to last weekend my husband was having a tough night sleeping and noticed I struggle to breath while I’m asleep, he kept trying to roll me over to find a better spot for me to breathe most of the night.  That got me thinking maybe Sleep Apnea was another underlying problem – after reading some of the information on the Internet I’m pretty convinced it’s a huge part of it.  I am tired all the time, recently I’ve started taking my makeup to work and doing it on my break so I can get a few extra minutes of sleep each night.  We go to bed at a good time, and I usually get 7-8 hours in bed each night. But each morning I wake up tired and have a hard time focusing in the mid afternoon.  On the weekend you can guarantee if we sit down and turn the TV on, I am out like a light, and I can’t tell you the last time I tried to read a book, 3 or 4 pages in and I’m already trying to doze. I kept thinking, I used to do a lot of stuff, bake, volunteer for things with the kids school, workout, do crafts, – blog regularly. Now all I can do somedays is get to work and get home.  I know some of this has signs of mild depression and I know I suffer from that as well but even when I’m feeling “good” I still struggle with the sleepiness.  

So no we’re waiting to see if maybe this will be the thing that finally get’s me to feeling better!  I think it’s funny that all of this started after we quit smoking – like some how the chemicals and nicotine kept all my other health issues at bay.  Now don’t get me wrong, this far out from quitting and I feel pretty good about it, I know it’s better for me, it just kills me that none of this happened until after I started to get better. 

OK now I’ve moved into self pity- sorry!  So today is just a quick health history for me and hopefully over the next few weeks we’ll start crawling back to a state of wellness that will help me through the net chapter of my life, since I am so ready to close this one.

Have a great day!

XoXo – Sarah



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