Lipstick Queen – Frog Prince

As you probably know, I am a lip junkie! Balms, glosses, liquid, stick, matte, you name it and I’m in love with it at all the beautiful colors associated with it.  One that seems to be getting a lot of attention at them moment is from Lipstick Queen. 

I popped onto YouTube the other day and was amazed at how many videos we’re out reviewing, one of my all time favorite lipsticks.  It’s no secret I am a 90’s girl, and fully embraced, the hippie grunge vibes of the San Francisco Bay Area at the time, including my token flannel shirt, ankh necklace and various mood accessories, including a yellow lipstick that turned an awful purple color.  I can tell you this lipstick and the one from the past do not even live on the same planet.  While it is a beautiful emerald green color on the stick, it glides on as a sheer rosy pink and feel like heaven.

Let’s get down to business, this is a mid priced lipstick $24 USD that can be purchased on the Lipstick Queen website, or I bought mine at Ulta after seeing a presentation on QVC last year.  It is a good sized tube of lipstick 3.5g, and depending on your body chemistry and heat will turn a nice rosy pink.  There are a lot of oils in the ingredients that give a very moisturized feel on the lip all day, and while the color does fade, there is a small stain left even after eating and drinking.

I actually loved this color so much that when the Hello Sailor gloss came out I had to grab it – I have to say it leaves a little to be desired, I’m still looking for the right color to put it over. :\

I have to say it’s an awesome everyday sheer color, that leaves your lips quite moisturized and even after a few hours has a nice staining quality that fades very slowly. 

While doing a little bit of research on the products and the brand I happened out on the website and was given a few more color selection to try in the future, with a very fun twist.  If you have an opportunity to go to the site, click the about page to get a little info on Poppy the founder of Lipstick queen – and see what colors they suggest for you by Style or Astrological sign. 

I see more colors in my future.


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