Disneyland Planning – Let’s Eat – Part 2

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s the second installment of my favorite places to eat when visiting the Disneyland Resort.  Today we’re going to talk about my favorite places to eat in the Parsk and Downton Disney!

Le’s start with Disneyland!  
We love to have Breakfast at the Plaza Inn – I know it’s character dining and it cost more, I don’t care – and Yes we go as adults and take pictures with the characters that come to our table – Intersting fact – they will come but you sometimes have to give them the nod.  I love the Mickey Shaped waffles with the Banana Caramel sauce – Oemgee it is to die for!!!!!

Our favorite place for lunch or dinner, is Rancho del Zocalo –  we found this awesome Americanized Mexican place by following our noses and the “smells” that Disney pushes through the park.  The wafting smell of garlic and meat cooking sent both our mouths watering and we were not dissapointed.  Regardless of what we’re doing on our trip we make a point of having a meal here.

Now on to DCA

I realized when writing this, Steve and I don’t really have lunch when we visit the parks, we like to have breakfast, snack through the afternoon and then have dinner.

My all time Favorite place to have dinner is the Carthay Circle – between the atmosphere, the incredible cocktails and wonderful food, you can’t go wrong. Make sure you get a Pear Martini from the lounge while you’re there.  It is to die for.!!! Mind you this is one of the more expensive places to eat, but I think it’s worth it.

Steve’s all time favorite place to eat breakfast is Flo’s in Cars Land – we say a picture on IG from Foods of Disneyland – of the Brioche French Toast and Steve was sold.  I like it because it’s a quick service restaurant with an awesome view and it makes my baby happy πŸ™‚

And Lastly Let’s explore Downtown Disney

Naples Restaurant – is one of the best pizza places around, If you’re into think crust pizza (which I am) In addition they have a rather extensive wine list that has not failed me – although one thing to take into consideration is the stairs to the restroom – I do make this note as one that likes her wine and has had to climb the stairs to the resturoom more than a few times.  πŸ™‚

Lastly – remember we mentioned we liked to snack – well Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Place is our favorite snack place – most afternoons as we’re walking back to the hotel – Steve has us stop for the Beignet’s and a drink – I’m trying to convince him on this next trip we only need to order 3 but I know he’ll want 6! And now you know why we’re Fat kids -lol

I hope the next time you plan your Disneyland vacation you try some of my favorite places to eat!

XOXO – Sarah   



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