Disneyland Planning – Let’s Eat Part 1

I realized as I was putting the photo grids together for this post I need to split this up into two manageable posts instead of one large ungainly one.  I’m currently doing a series about Disneyland if you’d like to catch up on previous posts here’s one about picking a US park to visit, and What hotels we like to stay at.

We have eaten at a lot of places, when traveling to Disneyland, we’ve done the obligatory walk off the park property to eat at a “less expensive” restaurant.  We’ve eaten at the most expensive places in the park (with the exception of Club 33). And we’ve found a balance of the places we like to go to when there.  Today I’ll split between the hotels on property and the restaurants off.

Let’s start with our two favorite places to go off property!

We don’t have a Tony Roma’s close to us, and our youngest loves ribs.  Like loves them so much we’ve had to take out a 2nd mortgage when we go out to earth so she can eat a full rack.  And believe me when I tell you, this kid can open up her hollow leg and throw down when it comes to Ribs and mashed potatoes. I digress – needless to say Tony Roma’s is one of our regular dining haunts when visiting Disneyland – Interstingly enough I have a I hate Disneyland story associated with Tony Roma’s too, it involves a lot of tired family members, a really rainy trip, and a very nice bartender that gave me the best and just the slightest pink Vodka cranberry I had ever seen.  She was an angel in disguise I think!

Now our 2nd favorite place off park Mimi’s Cafe, we do have a number of them around us up north, but sometimes when your’re eating a lot of unfamiliar or different foods, you want something you know from time to time.  Mimi’s French onion soup and cornbread are the same no matter where I go and can be a real comfort after a weary morning of rides and crowd fighting.

Both places are moderately priced and have pretty good service for the shear volume of people that travel through their doors each day.

Now On to our Favorite Hotel Resturaunts!

The trip before last I actually ate at Steakhouse 55 in the Disneyland hotel twice, once for dinner, which was very enjoyable, and once for breakfast. I have to say breakfast was awesome, I had tri-tip and eggs scrambled, with home made hash browns, it was to die for.  I know they’re well know for their dinner menu and wine list, but if you dont’ want to break the bank having dinner, I would highly recommend having breakfast here before heading off to the park, you won’t be dissapointed.

Our new favorite place to eat is the PCH grill at Paradise Pier, we just happened upon it last trip and they were just turning the evening dinner over to a buffet.  What a fun place to eat, and I say this even with all adults in our party.  We had a few fun fruity cocktails and the men had a few beers.  The food was carnival chic, they call it the Beachside Bonfire Buffet, and all set up as individual servings, a little bowl of lobster Mac, mini hot dogs and corn dogs, single servings of street tacos, and desserts that would keep you filled for days.  If you have a chance make sure to swing over and grab a bite there.   They also have character dining with Mikey and friends for breakfast, which is always a treat.

Both Resturaunts are on the expensive side, with Steakhouse 55 topping out your price range, the PCH grill is better priced but, runs around $35 per person for the dinner buffet.

I hope this inspires you to check out a few different places when traveling to Disneyland and look forward to talking about food in the parks on the next post.

XOXO – Sarah


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