March Favorites

I feel this week is going to be heavy in the Makeup department – I apologize (a little) I am a bit obsessed with products and since I’m off of my self imposed spending strike I’ve hit the beauty stores more than a few times in the last week or two.  
Let’s jump right in this month, I have a few non beauty favorites to talk about, and one that I think too many people tend to overlook when they’re at different beauty stores.

Hint Water – First up – Hint Water is awesome, I don’t know how they make the infusion taste so good, what I make at home certainly doesn’t compare flavor wise,  and on top of that it’s Zero calories,  if you’re ever looking for a little flavor to spice up your water routine, try one of the many flavors of Hint.  I put the link in for Amazon just in case you don’t have a store locally that carries it, but we usually buy from Whole Foods or Raley’s/Nob Hill

Olaplex – Omgee – This stuff is to die for if you have heavily stripped or chemically treated hair – Currently I’m sporting a few shades of Magenta and Violet and to get those colors to look awesome, we had to strip my hair of it’s color,  and once you do that you open yourself up to all kinds of damage and breakage.  Insert Olaplex – This stuff is killer (and it better be for the price – one bottle runs about 4 treatments in my hair) It’s reduced my breakage considerably and has added some much needed moisture back to my fried shaft and ends.  If you color your hair regularly I highly recommend using this as a weekly treatment.                                                                      

Marc Jacobs – Pear – Do you change up your fragrance routine?  I do about once a quarter – I had been using Estee Lauders – Monder Muse since Christams and love love love that scent, but it’s moving into spring and warmer climates and I wanted a scent to reflect that. Add a trip to Ulta and here comes Pear!  It has a very light citrus scent but is also just a tad on the earthy side – I wish they had smell-o-vision for our blog because I’m not describing this scent well.  On a rather interesting side note- I don’t think it smells like pear at all. 

Mattifying Balm – this was one of those random purchases, I was feeling a little oily in my cheek area and thought on days I needed a little extra love I would add this into my regimen. Quite honestly – now I can’t see to to do with out it. I add a little to my t-zone and along my cheeks there add my regular primer around the outer part of my face and I am good to go! No more blotting mid afternoon unless I’ve been in the heat for too long.

Snapchat – this follows along with my love of beauty and food – I follow a number of reputable people on Snapchat and I want to make sure I stress the reputable part!  Don’t get me wrong there are trolls out there, but there are also a great number of people in the social media community that are realizing snapchat is a great resource for people to get to know you/them.  On a personal note -I love snapchat to see the different perspectives of my family – We recently did a trip to Disneyland and had such differing views of what we found interesting and exciting to share.  It was very cool and I feel I got to see the parks from their views along with my own.  So if you have snapchat or are thinking of getting one, I strongly suggest you do and if you like can even give write a post with a few examples of those I follow.  If you’re interesting in following me my handle is: slkirkland and my snap code is in my collage. 🙂

Samples – Lastly I want to stress the awesomeness of samples – and don’t be afraid to ask for them, especially at Sepora and my favorite Lush – both will give you up to a certain number and quite honestly you have almost crate Blanche on what you ask for.  My last trip to Lush I picked up a sample of their Lemony Fluffer – a cuticle and nail cream that smells awesome and works like a charm – and while I might never make it through a full size container before it goes bad and runs about $30, the sample lasts me a good long time.  While at Sephora I picked up a sample of the new FlowerBomb – Rose Fragrance, Korres overnight facial cream, and Peter Thomas Roth 24K eye patches (they were a 2nd choice for the mask but I’m still excited to try them). So make sure when you’re at your favorite beauty stores ask if they have any samples or Freebies – which I didn’t mention but Ulta is great for giving a ton of them when you’re a regular! Or is that just me?

XOXO – Sarah


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