Month in Review – March

April – I can’t even tell you how fast time moves most days.  I blinked and it was the end of March and sometimes I think I’m no farther along in my life (aside from older) than I was in February.  Here’s the monthly Update!

Work – well work’s work, for my “day job” I’ll be moving offices next week – finally!  That leaves the lab and a few people behind but I’m sure we’ll get them soon.  Steve is back to work and for the moment happily working full time.  This is key for both of us, since we both like expensive things.  Frannie is diligently working her behind off most weekends, getting almost 20 hours just on Saturday and Sunday alone, she also mentioned a potential summer job so – woo hoo! More power to the working women.  Bina, oh to be young and full of the energy she has! She is up and out of the house most days before 6 am (yes, I did say AM) and off to the Bakery at Raley’s – then the later half of the week, she comes home, changes clothes very quickly and is off again to work at the Beer Garden in Berkeley.  I swear her theme son is Rhiana and Drake’s Work!

Children – As mentioned above these kids are movers and shakers!  Bina is getting ready to move out this next weekend.  I am a little excited and a little sad (lol – not a lot or anything but yes a little).  She’s moving on and for that I’m really excited for her, I’m a little sad for me because with moving on she will be leaving me behind.  Not that she’s really ever been one to need me, it’s been a comfort to know if she ever did, I was just down the hall.  And I know I’m still a phone call away, it’s not the same. 😦  Frannie is diving right into softball season and pitching!  I can truly say the girl’s got an arm on her!  Now if she would just use it for putting the dishes away 🙂 just kidding.

Family – Again as mentioned above our family dynamic is dramatically changing this next month!  One less in the house, they’ll be a bedroom change and hopefully the start of an honest to goodness real office for me!  MY OWN SPACE!!!!! Now do not let Steve lie to you and tell you it’s all my space, because it’s not – I have to share it, the kitchen, living room, even my bathroom is not my own, but this little office – that will totally be mine!!!!!!!!! And I totally skimmed over Stevie’s birthday – if you missed it some how you can read a post about it here

Friends – We have been rather friendless this month, I think there was a dinner right at the beginning of the month that brought the beasties together (Tina and Pat got to meet Bob and Janelle).  It was a well rounded dinner with awesome conversation (of course) and much drinking (well mostly Tina and I) and eating (by all) in one of our favorite local restaurants Hot Italian!  If you love Pizza and drinks you definitely need to visit either their SF or Emeryville location.  I fully plan to remedy the friendlessness in April, we were out with Bob and Janelle twice this last week, and I definitely need some time with my bestie soon – Dinner in the next few weeks at least!

How was your March? What do you have planned for April.

XOXO – Sarah


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