Birthdays with Steve

 Interesting fact about Steve and I – we actually met on his birthday, so so many years ago.  I won’t tell you how old he was – I’m ashamed to say!  The term cradle robber was used a lot when we first started dating, I guess I could use the term Cougar now But, why? Now a days our age gap doesn’t even blip on the radar of life. But I digress. Birthdays have always been really fun with Steve, he didn’t have the opportunity to celebrate them before we started dating and when he decided he wanted to, I made a point of going all out to make up for what he was missing.  

His 21st we had a surprise party (thank you for ruining it Brent – lol) – I managed to keep everything a secret until we walked up to the location, where his brother happened to be smoking right next to the entrance.  Regardless we had a great time that evening, especially making sure he was carded everywhere we went.  Can you believe we were ever that young?


25 – we had a big ole family party,  full of drinking and carousing 



30 was know for the Big Carl, dark bars and Go-Go dancers


Then things quieted down, the last few years it’s been about the food and the company.

31 – toys and dinner with the family.

32 – Reno with Friends and an awesome Steak dinner.

This year you ask – a quiet dinner with the family and a ball game with friends on the weekend – oh well if you ask him, it also includes the Wild Horses event (Bronco Show) this weekend and probably Monster Jam next weekend as well.  If he had his way he’d celebrate his way right on through to our anniversary in May 🙂

All in all – I think we’ve done well, we’re heathy, happy (for the most part) and we’re still celebrating together.

XOXO – Sarah




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