Lipstick Obsession 

Ok quickly before I start this post – Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man in the world – I love you Stevie!!!!

And on to the post – I might have a small lipstick (lip Covering) obsession.  I love the colors, sometimes the textures, I think some make me feel fierce and others demure.  Some are really nourishing while others I love the color but hate what they do to my lips.  But the theme always continues – I buy more and more – for some unknown reason.   
Interesting fact you may or may not know about me, I am a reformed smoker.  Yup me – for years I didn’t even bother with lip shades, stick, stains, balms etc.  I didn’t see the point if all it was going to do was wear off the first time I lit a cigarette.  I remember thinking after my husband and I quit and it seemed like it might actually stick, maybe I should go out and get a nice red lipstick since I can actually wear them now.  And quite honestly from there forward I haven’t looked back. I’m a sucker for packaging too and it seems that lipstick always has a new and interesting way to be packaged or formulated so  you feel like you have to buy more and more -even if it’s the same shade yo have at home.  This new one might be matte, or satin, high gloss or eggshell (I dont’ know if the last one really exists but it seems it should)

 The second rather uninteresting part you may or may not know is – I’m not really good at remembering to wear lipstick.  I forget in the morning to put it on, or think it’s silly to do so before I drink my coffee, then forget at work, only to remember as I’m walking into a meeting I wanted to put some on, and so on and so forth.  I’ve somewhat combatted that with my morning outfit photo – wearing lipstick vs. not actually makes a difference on how the picture turns out. Do I look tired or awake, sassy or crabby? Wearing or not wearing could mean the difference between more likes or not (I don’t really think that but sometimes as we all obsess about our posts – blog/IG/twitter – strange things can get in your head.  And now I’m working toward remembering to reapply when I get into the office and hopefully after lunch – it’s really hit or miss as the afternoon wears on but I am getting better.  

After my last foray down to Sephora this weekend my husband realized just how many lipsticks (and I am generalizing the term for ease of use) I actually have – so many that the drawer I keep them in, in my vanity, no longer closes, and that was before I tried to put the two new ones I had purchased just that day in there. He has challenged me to pare down my collection before I buy any new ones – and really work toward getting ones that I like and want to wear as opposed to what’s trendy at the moment. 

So here is my first attempt at it.  For the next week I am going to wear the lipsticks below and decide if I really like them or not. 


If I do like them, and that means really like them, I will move them to a keep pile and add them back into rotation once I’ve gone through the rest.  If I don’t like them for whatever reason, I will put them in a get rid of pile and either let my girls have first crack or give them to a local women’s shelter.  

As you might have noticed, I am a huge Nude fan, and chooses these colors specifically to ease me into the testing/purging process. Some are balms, glosses, I have one satin and a liquid lipstick I haven’t even tried yet.  I’m excited to see how this turns out and I look forward to updating you next week.

Wish me luck!   

XOXO – Sarah



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