Holiday Ham

I make this ham up a few times a year for different Holiday’s, most notoriously Thanksgiving and Pre-Easter. We started the Pre-Easter tradition a few years ago, I make a full Ham Dinner and have my mother and grandparents over to eat then we decorate Easter eggs.  It’s really just an excuse because my mom likes ham so much 🙂 and that’s ok I love that my family lives close enough to have them over for an easy meal.

This recipe is one that I’ve always winged, I can’t even tell you what the inspiration was, save for the fact that my husband hates cloves and wanted me to cook the ham with something different one Thanksgiving.  10 years later, I finally sat down and “loosely” figured out the glaze.

I usually prep the ham by, cutting large diamonds into the skin (this year we had a spiral sliced ham and I didn’t have to do it – for reference I wont’ get a spiral sliced again, it really dries out even in the crock pot – and I was told it wouln’t do it there 😐 – I think a regular picnic or half ham are just fine)

For a 5-12 pound ham, you’ll need, Brown Sugar, Molassas, Grainy mustard (I use Dijon), white vinegar, and liquid smoke.   
Mix it all together,
Pour half over the ham when you first start cooking, and the other half when you’re about halfway through.

Cook unti the internal temperature reaches about 145-160 degrees depending on what type of ham you’re cooking (please double check the packaging) 

It really is the easiest thing to do, and out of all the things I cook for family holidays this gets the ravest reviews.

I forgot to take a picture before we cut it up, but you can see there’s not much left, and on the up side my mom takes the bone and makes killer beans with it.

Ham Glaze

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup Dijon or grainy mustard

1 Tbsp – Molassas

1 Tsp – liquid smoke

1/4 cup – white vinegar

For a picnic or 1/2 ham – cut diamonds through the side and remove plastic from the bone.  Place in roasting pan or crock pot, pour half the glaze over the ham and cook.  Check the temp about half way through cooking and pour the other half of the glaze over, cover and continue to cook until heated through.

Crock pot – low for about 6-8 hours (5-10 pound ham) – or the ham reaches the correct temp advised by packaging

Oven/roasting pan – cook at 375 for 1-3 hours  – or the ham reaches the correct temp advised by packaging

I hope you enjoy this glaze as much as my family does!

XOXO – Sarah


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