Product Fails

Happy Thursday everyone!  To go along with last weeks Empties theme, I thought I would share with you a few fails I’ve had recently.  Let me mention firstly it’s not that any of these products is horrible or done serious damage to me, they just didn’t work for me.

Let’s dive right in – First up – Alterna’s Bamboo Color Shampoo – I have loved this line from the get go but between my winter scalp or perhaps a change in their formula a little, I was left dry and itchy.

Next up – the KMS Free Shape Quick blow dry spray – I have a love hate relationship with heat styling products, add too much to my hair and you can kiss off any sort of volume, too little and after a few weeks my hair looks like it should be on a fizz ease commercial.  I bounce around from product line to product line trying to find that perfect formula for my hair. Unfortunately the KMS spray was not it.  And as an added insult it left a weird crunchy residue I couln’t quite get over.

Number three on my list – Benefit’s They’re real makeup remover – I got the eye liner and remover as a set a while back and have to say I wan’t really impressed with either, but this is the first product I’ve tried that actually left a coating on my eyeball – which is a little scary – since my eyes are as sensitive as they are I just couln’t see this as a long term product and if it takes that much to get the liner off in the first place what does that say about what’s in the product – again don’t get me wrong I love a lot of Benefit’s products (I’m always a hometown girl) but this was a fail in my book.

Moving on down to number four – Cliniques lip gloss – it’s a very light pink when you put it on but unfortunately it falls into the too sticky for windy days with your hair down.  Then I felt like it wore off in patches.  All in all it was not a good match for me.
And lastly I’m so sad to say this – I found out I’m allergic to Urban Decay’s eyeliners – can we have a small moment of silence, I think the formulation is great and the colors are to die for but as soon as they get on my lid, my eyes start to itch and then get patch a few days later.  So while not really a makeup fail – more like my body doesn’t like it fail – I had to give up 3 or 4 of my favorite eyeliners – I’m still on the hunt for great new ones if anyone has any suggestions.

Let me know if you enjoy this series how you feel about any of the products above.

XOXO – Sarah



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