Cerrito Theater – El Cerrito, CA

This weeks eddtion of Out and About, features my favorite movie theater – The Cerrito Theater, in El Cerrito, CA.  

It is a small two theater set up that features, first run movies, along with awesome films of the near and far past.  When we last visited the were showing Zootopia and The Big Lebowski.  When can you say you’ve heard that combination.It is my absolute favorite place to go see movies!  Mind you it is everyone else’s favorite in that area as well so we usually hit first run movies on a Tuesday or Thursday at an earlier showing than we would normally.  

As previously mentioned we were there a few weeks ago to see Zootopia, it was a last minute chance at the end of long day and we hustled our behinds down to make the 6:30 show. As luck would have it, it was raining heavily that day and we didn’t have many crowds to fight once we got there.  We headed inside to grab our food order – my 2nd favorite thing about the theater.  They have real food and a menu that updates constantly – and they serve alcohol (ok I know most theatres are doing that now a days, but when you tell your husband we can get pizza and a beer with our movie and they’ll bring it to your table – it’s a big draw).  This particular night we ordered, the special a Tater-Tot Pizza, with of course tater tots, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and bell peppers, along with the obligatory popcorn and Reese’s pieces (my favorite) an two beers for the show.

 There is also a very nice wine bar, that you can order from, I haven’t done it yet but am looking forward to finding a movie that makes me think – hey I should have a glass or two of wine with that 🙂

As we entered the lower theater I am always taken aback at the artwork and intricate design of this beautiful old theater.  We quickly picked our seats, not one of the couches up front, they’re a little to close for me, but in one of the swivel and reclining chairs with a table a little farther back.  A few minutes later our food arrived, and we settled in to watch a really great movie.

If you are in the area and have not visited the Cerrito Theater I highly suggest you do, I think it will be a mainstay in your movie cycle.  And if you’d like a little history about the theater click here.  It has a rather fun past and I am so happy the City, Friends and Donors decided to keep this landmark as a fully operating movie theater.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

XOXO – Sarah 


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