February Favorites

Can you believe it’s March already? It’s been a month of basically no spending and trying out things I had bought in a mad dash before Lent. Yes Lent – and even though I am not Catholic I try to each year be mindful and limit something I think I might be overly fond of.  This year it’s superfluous spending, including weekend jaunts to the various makeup aisles and random shopping that always gets expensive.  I’m a little more than two weeks from finishing and I tell you there is an Ebates gift card to Sephora with my name all over it!!!!  

Moving on to the good stuff, I had a few different favorite routes this last month well start with the food related items because I’m fluffy and I like food 🙂

1. Jarro – Dophilus Probiotic  – Steve wasn’t feeling well earlier this month, he had a pretty nasty cold that just didn’t go away and all of the meds were making his stomach feel a little off.  After the 4th or 5th day of Tums, I decided to pick up a new batch of probiotics.  I love these because they’re shelf stable, most you have to refrigerate.  Also they don’t break the bank they’re not the cheapest things in the world but man if you have tummy troubles, these little guys will go a long way in making you feel better.

2. Misty Olive Oil Sprayer – this thing is a dream, I’ve been complaining to Steve when we make baked sweet potato fries that they stick to the cookie sheet no matter what I do, or I have so much oil it kinda defeat the purpose of baking them. This little sprayer adds just enough oil to keep thing moist, and I’ve started using it when I’m cooking things in a pan instead of dolloping, oil or butter. I don’t quite trust it for baking but maybe……..

And on to the beauty/accessory items:

3. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in light – I’m a bit of a You Tube beauty addict and I love one woman in particular – Tati from Glam life Guru, she’s down to earth, funny and a smidgy older than most (still much younger than me) so her opinion about makeup and skin care concerns are closer to mine.  Don’t get me wrong I love watching the others but when Tati tells you she loves something it’s like a law.  She mentioned this bronzer in a pre Christmas video and told us it smelled like the beach and I was sold.  It only took me 3 different stores to find it and now looking at the link I could have a easily bought it on prime and saved myself the hassle but I’m glad I did.  It’s the perfect bit of color for those days you don’t want/need to contour.  It does smell heavenly and I smile and think about sitting on the beach as I blend this in, in the rainy cold mornings before I drudge off to work.

4. Physicians Formula tinted moisturizer SPF 40 – My esthetician has been on me about wearing more sunscreen, I haven’t been the best in the past, annnnddddd I was a smoker for years so I have a few age spots along my forehead.  With that said I’ve been on the lookout for products with a high SPF and that works well with my skin.  Insert this tinted moisturizer, I don’t use it everyday, but it’s great to swipe on when I’m running late or on the weekends when I need a little bit of color but don’t want to put my “whole face” on.

5. Minnie Mouse Temporary Tattoos – I got these as a Christmas gift from my mother, Lord knows where she found them but they’re awesome, I’m giving my nails a break and while I’m waiting for them to breath and grow a little I’ve been using the nail stickers to add a little spice to my very nude look 🙂

6. Arrow Ring – last but not least, this awesome little ring I got in my February Pop Sugar Must have box – I swear I have worn this as a midi ring every day since I opened the package.   It’s currently sold out but I attached the link just in case it comes back in.  Ladies I’m telling you – pick it up – it’s fun and trendy and priced well.

That’s all for this month’s faves!

XOXO Sarah


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