Month in Review – February

Can you believe we’re at the end of the month already?  I can’t either and it’s been one bang up of a month for us as well. Here’s a quick update of our life. 

Work:  I am in the middle of a work cyclone, right now I’m fully immersed into hunkering down and trying not to perish in the paperwork and politics of our current office situation. I won’t go into details – mostly because I do like my job a little bit and I have no desire to be fired for sharing info over the Internet.  But let’s just say like all big companies life sucks for the little guys in the cubes.  Stevie? Well he’s out of work at the moment, and while things will be just fine soon, we’re stretched thin, it’s been months since he’s had full time work and we’re still waiting for unemployment to decide he’s worthy of the money he puts in each check to receive. 

Children:  Let me start with I love love love my girls.  They’re smart, beautiful, funny and truly vibrant individuals!  And they’re also teenagers, so they suck most of the time!  There’s been break-ups, reconciliations, a giving up for Lent (not sure exactly what that entails but it’s gotten better as we get farther into the season), and a declaration of moving out – In April – can I tell you that I can not wait for April to come – not 100% because it will restore a little balance to our house but I really believe my oldest and I will have a much better relationship once she can be master and commander of her own world. We can become adult friends or whatever comes after mother/daughter living together and I’m really excited for it.

Family:  This has been a really rough month for us, at the beginning the girls lost a great uncle suddenly! It’s the one year anniversary of their great-grandmothers death, it’s the start of Lent (the sick season for my own dads demise) and the anniversary of my grandmtothers death. Let’s just say February isn’t the best month for us.  And to add insult to injury my husbands grandfather is nearing the end of his life. This wonderful man raised my husband, gave him, his values and compassion and while I feel he didn’t get his patience, I think sometimes I may be already romanticizing his memory, I’ve heard grandpa get angry and my husband is on par :).  One bright light this month was my Grandpa’s birthday and subsequent dinner party.  There’s nothing like going to our local watering hole with 20 close family members for a 3 hour dinner of not the best food.  But it’s still one of our favorite things to do, and we gladly do it for my grandparents anytime they ask, just to spend time with them.

Friends:  On the friends note we had our first weekend trip with my bestie!  It was awesome!  We headed up to the Sierra’s and Lake Tahoe for a getaway from the Super Bowl drama of the Bay Area.  We had one of the best backdrops in the Tahoe Keys out the windows, and mountain ranges surrounding us on all sides.  The house was to die for, a perfect set up for two families with a top and bottom level to retreat to at night and excellent common areas for large meals and games.  Conversation was excellent as to be expected, the food was awesome and I felt renewed and refreshed as we headed back down the mountain.

I think it was a rather balanced month of highs and lows and in the scheme of life, balance is what we should strive for. Right?

XOXO – Sarah


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