2016 Goal Planning part 3


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had a wonderful week. As we head on into the weekend I wanted to bring you round 3 of 2016 goal planning.

If you need a refresher from week 1 or week 2.

So now that you have a few goals set to work on first, what do you do? For me, I break them down into smaller goals, what do I need to do to get it done, I thought I would take our Tahoe Trip as an example since it’s next weekend and at the front of my mind.

For kicks and giggles I’m going to go past the fact that we’ve got the Cabin rented but that really should be your first thing to do right? Right.

So – we’re going to be staying in the Tahoe Keys, right along the water and we’re really excited, and since this is a multiple family trip we got a big house with a hot tub, fireplace, gas grill under the deck so we can still use it in the snow, and from the pictures an awesome kitchen meant to have people cook in it.

And with a multiple family trip there were some considerations to take in, who gets the big room, because of course there’s only one with a King size bed – not really an issue for us, since we sleep in a Queen but then so does my girlfriend and her husband.  What are we going to do when we get up there? Bum around or stay in the house?  Where’s the closest grocery stores? Things to do? Are we eating out or staying in? Do we have to take what we need with us? Firewood? What to pack? And on and on and on.

To answer a few of the questions we had dinner with our friends last weekend and decided the following:

– They will be going up for sure Friday afternoon, we will be coming up late that evening or early the next morning depding on snowfall.

– We’re going to wanted and see the sights on Saturday and bum around the house on Sunday before the Super Bowl – my job now is to check to see what’s going on at Heavenly and the surrounding area since none of us have played in snow for years but we’re also not the type to do much more than look at it and then go sit by the fire.

– They will be cooking breakfast on Saturday morning, we’ll eat out for lunch and have snacks in the afternoon.  Dinner will be a collaboration with much wine and meat to be had, followed by what I’m sure will be a rousing game of cards against humanity – the hubby and I have not played but are a little scared 

Sunday morning – we’re in charge of breakfast and then there will be bumming around the house the rest of the day, probably eating and generally lazy until the football game, from there our friends will have to go home – she starts a job Monday morning and we will watch the commercials and halftime show while scanning you tube and Instagram while the game is being played.

As far as sleeping arrangements go since they’re bringing more kids, we get the big room upstairs and they’ll take the two bedrooms downstairs.  Francesca – our youngest is coming with us and she’ll sleep wherever she pleases – but not with us.

So what’s left?

Well here’s my list:

– Grocery list

– Area map and site seeing planning – I’m really neurotic if you couldn’t tell so guess who gets to do the fun stuff??? πŸ™‚

– Packing list

– House packing list – since we’re staying somewhere that probably doens’t have all our amenities at home, I need to put a list to get her of things to take with us, like our atomizer for the room, the tea kettle and siphon coffee maker, maybe the waffle maker and a few pans πŸ™‚ wine glasses πŸ™‚ there was mention of frying up twinkies and doughnut holes (Ohemgee they are delicious) so maybe the deep fryer as well.  

– small survival packing list – it’s snowing a lot in the mountains and even though we have 4WD we’ll need to get chains for the truck, and accoutrements to go with it. I’m not sure what that entails but as soon as Steve let’s me know I’ll add it to the post next week.

So far that’s what we having going – next week I’ll show you the culmination of the plans and how well we did.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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