Walking with mom

I recently told a co worker, I had to take my mother shopping over the weekend.  She needed a new bathing suit and foundation from Merle Norman (of all places); when I mentioned this my co-worker scoffed and reminded me that my mother is very young and doesn’t need me to drive her around like an old lady yet. I smiled and chuckled and moved on, what my coworker doesn’t realize is how much my mother is my friend and we plan our outings like most friends do.  On top of that, my mother has had a few set backs the last few years or so, mainly both knees have been replaced and is having hip trouble now, so she really doesnt’ get around as best as she can.  Saturday’s are her days to have me run errands with her and have the support of another person to get all the things done she needs to.

In addition to our Saturday errands which mainly consists of grocery shopping or monthly miscellaneous shopping, we go water walking two to three times a week at our locally YMCA.  I swing through on my way home from work, drag her to the gym and then drop her back off after we’re done, and for that hour or so we have each other’s relative undivided attention. While that might be daunting for some we have the best conversations, we’ve talked about fantasy vacation planning, well really my vacation planning and her fantasy, she doesn’t travel as much as she’d like to with her fixed income and I’m not quite at the level to be able to pay for her to come with us every time we go somewhere. Plus sometimes she likes to hear about the planning part but really has no interest in go (like a party weekend in Reno/Tahoe).  Last week we had a rousing debate about weather or not Unicorns missed the proverbial bus or Ark. Yesterday it was a Downton Abey debate on if this season is a good as I think it is or if I’m just caught up in the hype of the last season.  Although I do believe they’ve written both Daisy and Barrow a little out of character – both seem whinier than in previous seasons, and what? You’re giving Lady Mary a love interest in a man that races cars? Did her husband not die in a horrific car crash? But I digress.  

Right now she’s at about a half hour tops of walking laps, some forwards some backwards, plus a few high steps just to keep it interesting.  It’s funny I can see her start to look at the clock at about the 20 minute mark, so I know this is kicking her behind. Then we get around 10 minutes in their heavenly sauna – I personally love it and could spend a few more minutes 1/2 hour in there but mom starts freaking out about not having enough air to breath and high tails it out of there.  I’m hoping soon we can add some actual swimming in and get her stamina up, I think that along with a pain management plan from her doctor would improve her quality of life significantly.  Although that might limit our time for talking :). For now though I’ll take my half hour jaunts and debates over mythical creature for as long as I can.

To learn more about the benefits of water walking click here


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