2016 Goal Planning part 2


Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful week.  As we head on into the weekend I wanted to bring you round 2 of 2016 goal planning.  If you need a refresher form last week click Here.

Sometimes at this point in my planning I get really overwhelmed, I’ve got a whole bunch of information on multiple sheets of paper that I’ve managed to split up in to home, office, personal, family….. Now what.

Well now comes the hard part – or the liberating depding on how you look at it.

For me – I use the Evernote application, I have it loaded on my phone, IPad and Mac and they all talk to each other – yay! I have my categories split up into folders along with a few others we’ll discuss later,   

and from there I start breaking down my ideas in to individual notes, some come with a slew of ideas and needs, like my work folder (coincidentally this will tie in to my 2016 official goals we’re required to provide for work)

and sometimes it’s the start of an idea that I need to fan the flames on a little bit to see where it goes:

And yes some of those notes are old – from 2013?? Yes still working on getting the hubby to embrace Kaisers web site – it really is awesome though right. 

So once you have your folders and notes into whatever system works well for you, you’re done right? I wish – now comes the fun part.

Pick a few things from each folder – for me obviously, I took a few from work (gotta pay the bills) and a few from personal, and decide which one’s you want to work on first.  


2600 move – we’re moving locations at the end of the quarter so that’s high on my list to get done

OPEX – budgeting has been done but now tracking needs to start taking place, and PO’s need to be created for our vendors

CP16 – that’s a fancy way of saying strike duty – and yes I’m sorry I’m a manger I have to work or they will fire me, I personally suppor our union and want them to get what they ask for, I benefit from their gains as well. 


Tahoe Planning – we’re heading up to the snow in a few weeks to avoid the Super Bowl chaos and need to figure out what we’re going to do up there

Garden pruning – this the time of year to – at least in northern CA to prune the roses and other plants

Valentine’s Day tea – every year we try to have a ladies tea and craft day around Valentine’s Day, I’m not sure if I’m going to pull it off this year though since I haven’t even sent invitations out for it yet – eek

Then start to breakdown what you need to do to get them done.  Next week!  Getting them planned and how to make it happen.

Have a great weekend!


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