28 day jumpstart challenge – 1/18/16

Tis that time of year again, or is it really? We had a challenge at work for the month of December not to gain any weight over the holidays. For once I managed to keep up and actually lose a little bit too. I’ve been working hard recently to remember what my trigger points are, how binge watching TV leads to binge eating salty foods; or my favorite, eating my feelings. So when I got the email from Fit Girls last week about their first of the year challenge and really their first half of the year challenge I thought, I’m in a better spot than I’ve been in a while, why not give it a shot. So here on Sunday night, I’m getting my food prep together, and thinking about all my goals for this challenge, this month and quite possible (something I haven’t done in a long time) this year!
Before I get too far, let me just throw this out there – I will not be posting recipes, or workout plans from any of the fitgirls books – If I think I’m making something far enough from an original recipe on my own (I will be happy to share), or from another website, blog, location, I will post credit it to it so you can get it for yourself. I believe the creators of the Fitgirls movement have worked hard and deserve to have credit and proprietary ownership of their work.  

As in previous cycles on my blog, I’ll give you a breakdown once a week (Monday) of each day’s progress, how I feel, my weight, and food porn 😉 – if you interested in following me on my journey I have a special IG account: @sarahgetfit77, I post to snapchat everyday: slkirkland and if you have a Fitbit and want to be friends my email is ss9286@att.net – let me know where you saw me on the invite so I know who you are. 

Ok now that the formalities are over here’s a break down of the week –

Monday – this week did not start off well and only got worse from there – I woke up with a horrible sinus migraine and ended up in bed all day. Needless to say there was not shopping or needed food prep done.  Which equaled bad eating and the hubby pulling taquitos and tortilla chips together for dinner.

Tuesday – back in the office and no time for anything after trying to catch up from the weekend. I came home exhausted and ended up going to bed bofore dinner.

Wednesday – finally made it to the grocery store and bought some healthy foods, but by the time I got home from the store it was far too late to prep so I made sure to have a healthier frozen meal to take with me.

Thursday – food made, lunch taken and a healthy dinner made when I got home but still no exercising for the week.

Friday – stayed home for a doctors appointment, but waited to long to eat lunch (finally had it around 4pm) that we needed up having frozen yogurt for dinner and terrible heartburn most of the night.

Saturday – brunch with the family meant coffee and a croissant, late lunch consisted of deli meat, cheese and crackers and late dinner of steak, red potatoes and green beans – one of my favorite combos.  We did get our weekly grocery shopping in though so we’re already better off than last week – or are we?

Sunday – woke up with another sinus headache and snoozed/lumbered until 11 then it’s been a mad dash all day to get the allergists recommendations in for our bedroom, including dust mite encasements for our bed and pillows, a deep cleaning of the rest of the bedroom and bath – which has been a mess since Christmas- and a quick separation of the empties and the hated products for a post later on this month.  What I thought wa a going to take a few hours and then I could move on to the kitchen and meal prep ended up taking all day – like all day – here it is 11pm and I’m getting the last load of laundry I to the dryer number 7 for the day and writing this post. I did think about putting some meal prep together but one look at my kitchen made me rethink that, needless to say it was a veggie pizza night for me and pepperoni for everyone else.  So quick oats and some green juice for the morning and it’ll be a whole foods lunch tomorrow. 

Tomorrow the kids and hubby are home so they can clean up the kitchen and I can tackle the great fridge transformation from what the heck do I do with all of this stuff? To man that’s some awesome prep for the week – once I get home from work and the gym with the parental unit.

I hope everyone has a great week.

If your interested in previous posts check out:

Week 1 – here

Week 2 – here

XO – Sarah 


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