Rocksbox – box 4 and 5

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I want to start this post and tell you, I am in no way compensated for my opinion in this post.  I just wanted to share with you one of my favorite subscription boxes today 🙂 and going forward, I hope you enjoy.

I recently subscribed to Rocksbox – if you’ve not heard of it before it’s a jewelry rental service much like Gwynnie Bee (later post) that for $19 a month,  allows you to chose jewelry pieces and builds a set around the pieces you pick.  I thought this would be a great tester for me since I do one of two things with my jewelry, I either 1. Pick the same pieces and wear them over and over again, usually smaller “heirloom” pieces that have nothing to do with the outfit, don’t necessarily complement it and usually get swallowed up by whatever else I’m wearing or…..2. Find the same items to buy over and over again while still thinking I don’t have any jewelry to wear, does that sound familiar? Say capsule jewelry wardrobe?  No but really what do you do? If you know me from my blog you know I love to shop, and I really love to try new things.  Because of that I belong to a few subscription services and happened upon Rocks Box as a suggestion from one of the other services I use,  I received my first month for free and in that time received two boxes in the first month.  On average I receive two fresh boxes each month, to wear, buy if I like, then send back and get anew.

 I have to tell you this services is so much fun, you take a survey to start then pick out a few items from their website, from there a designer picks one of those pieces and builds a set for you to wear, the pieces are meant to compliment each other and be true to your style survey.  From there they ask you to rate each piece you’ve received when you send it back and based on that feedback along with your survey they pick the next pieces to  box for you and ship it out. In addition each month you are given a credit to use – in that month – to purchase the pieces you have at home at a discounted price, which is nice, I’ve used it once so far on an awesome necklace I would have never looked at before the box was delivered.  

Box 4 and 5 have been so much fun here’s the details of each below:

Box 4 – total set: $180 

Kendra Scott – Elle Earings in Navy –  $55 – these Earings were fun but I had a hard time trying to figure out what they had to do with the rest of the box, they added drama to the set but I ended up wearing the necklace and ring with other Earings twice, over the course of the box.  Also by the end of the day the Earings did get a little heavy.

AV Max – Caged ring – $45 – I’m leaving to appreciate rings, all types of rings and this one was a blast to wear, I got it in a larger size and work it on my first finger. I got so many complimentson it in the office it was amazing.

SLATE – Layers Nugget bead necklace – $80 – I love love loved this necklance, oh my goodness if it wasn’t Christmas time and Steve wasn’t hit or miss with work, this would have been mine.  I wore it at least 3 or 4 times in the week and a half I kept the box. It could be dressed up or down and really stood out against the darker shades I’ve been wearing this winter.

Box 5 – total set: $285

Olivia and Grace – Avery Necklace – $135 (couldn’t find a link outside of Rocksbox to purchase) – this necklace was another long one and a lot of fun, I think during scarf season it’s nice to have longer necklaces that stand out on their own.

AV Max Rhinestone point post earring – $25 – no longer available – since these were 3D triangles they had a lot of character to them, they were fun little posts to wear during the Christmas season.

Gorjana- Skyler cuff – $125 – this was a dud for me, I have small wrists, like freakishly small even for my size, and I had a really hard time getting this cuff on.  Then once on I couldn’t find a comfortable way to wear it.  It was ver pretty but I didn’t even wear it, it stayed in the box and waited to be sent back.

All in all I’ve loved the last two boxes even with the small misses, and for the month of December I was able to wear close to $400 in jewelry for the low low price of $19.  What more can a girl ask for?  If you’re interested in trying for yourself and get a month for free use my discount code: SARAHBFF1279 when you sign up.  Use Rocksbox yourself? Tell me what you think




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