28 day jumpstart challenge – week 2 – 1/11/15

Just a quick little side note – Happy Birthday to my baby sister Brittney (mwah)

Tis that time of year again, or is it really? We had a challenge at work for the month of December not to gain any weight over the holidays. For once I managed to keep up and actually lose a little bit too. I’ve been working hard recently to remember what my trigger points are, how binge watching TV leads to binge eating salty foods; or my favorite, eating my feelings. So when I got the email from Fit Girls last week about their first of the year challenge and really their first half of the year challenge I thought, I’m in a better spot than I’ve been in a while, why not give it a shot. So here on Sunday night, I’m getting my food prep together, and thinking about all my goals for this challenge, this month and quite possible (something I haven’t done in a long time) this year!

Before I get too far, let me just throw this out there – I will not be posting recipes, or workout plans from any of the fitgirls books – If I think I’m making something far enough from an original recipe on my own (I will be happy to share), or from another website, blog, location, I will post credit it to it so you can get it for yourself. I believe the creators of the Fitgirls movement have worked hard and deserve to have credit and proprietary ownership of their work.

As in previous cycles on my blog, I’ll give you a breakdown once a week (Monday) of each day’s progress, how I feel, my weight, and food porn 😉 – if you interested in following me on my journey I have a special IG account: @sarahgetfit77, I post to snapchat everyday: slkirkland and if you have a Fitbit and want to be friends my email is ss9286@att.net – let me know where you saw me on the invite so I know who you are.
Ok now that the formalities are over here’s a break down of the week –

Day 1 – Monday

Still not a fan of cherry and oats, I’ll muscle through until the bag is done but……. Not again.  I think it’s funny I mentioned wanting a rainbow of color for my food, and lunch just ended up being beige – tasty but still beige. Dinner was awesome and I managed to get a workout in before dinner.  All in all – great day one.

Day 2 – Tuesday

Made it to the gym with mom, we water walk for a half hour or so, she’s recovering from her 2nd knee replacement and the water does well for her, plus it gives me a reason to kick back and talk to her exclusively and still get some exercise in.  Side note – she had never been in a sauna before – I convinced her to spend 10 minutes in after the pool, she loved it.

Day 3/4 – Wednesday/Thursday

Wednesday and Thursday were busy as all get out, I didn’t get any structured exercise in, although I always walk at lunch and I did hit my step goal of 12k both days.  Wednesday night mom and had mani/pedi’s and ended up at Panera for dinner, soup and salad of course, then through the massive rain storm, we went to Targt to get items we didn’t need for our new gym locker. Thursday I woke up with a migraine and pushed through the day as best as I could.

Day 5/6/7 Friday/Saturday/Sunday

Well this weekend has been a little rough, Steve sliced his hand open Friday, between the doctors and stress and the aftermath I’ve been a ball of feelings and eating up a storm.  My downfall at the moment, trail mix made with dried Cranberries, pecans and chocolate chips, although the tater tots and hot dogs for dinner Saturday night I’m sure didn’t help along with the marathon of Hawaii five-o on Netflix.  When I weighed myself Saturday morning I was down 2 pounds so we’ll see if that holds after the weekend, plus I’m moving into PMS week (yay!!!!!!, dancing girls and all).

I think this week I’m going to focus on what I can do over the weekends to curb my feeding frenzy, I think if I can master that this month I might have a fighting chance.

If you want to read from the start see below:

Week 1



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